Netflix’s new documentary on Crypto, propaganda?

I hate Netflix, let me be clear about this. I believe that netflix in recent years has become one of the companies with the most power of influence, alongside META. Every Netflix series, film and documentary has a hidden agenda or at least subliminal messages that always point to the same ideology, and worst of it all … is that they are very good at doing this.

I don’t want to make this a political issue or spread conspiracy theories because I’m here to talk about the new Netflix series **”Trust No One: The Hunt For The Crypto King”** the title itself already tells us the message they want to get across. The documentary tells the story of the alleged bankruptcy of Canada’s largest crypto broker, and for someone who understands the concepts of crypto watching the documentary is almost impossible, they try to look impartial and factual but it becomes clear that they are not.

They begin by framing what Bitcoin is to the viewer, the biggest reasoning for the people who invest in BTC is just “rebelling against the system”, they refuse to talk about key topics like decentralization, inflation, too much government power, security or even the concept of limited supply.

[Why the bloody fingerprint tho?](

For the average person this what BTC is, a virtual currency that people grab by faith or rebellion, if Bitcoin is so recognized and even so it is so useless imagine what the average person will think of other cryptocurrencies in an industry that is advertised as a ponzi scheme and a world full of scams, But I’m rambling already. This is the “good” part of the documentary, from there Netflix uses all the dirty tricks to manipulate the viewer.. Those who invest in crypto:

do not have time to exercise

are nerds

are looking to get rich fast

want to buy luxury cars (this is partially true)

have no basic understanding of markets or how money works

are naive and easily manipulated (I see the irony)

They interview a guy that wanted to get rich fast as his friend did, so he asks for a high interest loan of the value of 85k$, what happens? he buys BTC high and the price crashes (typical redditor investor s/), he now is fu\*\*\*\*, has to sell his house… but that is not enough, he proceeds to send 400k to the exchange with the intention to avoid bank fees, and now he lost all his money on QuadrigaCX scam…

This documentary is a shameful attack on crypto but there is something good to pull out of here, Netflix and the big media have to resort to these strategies because in a debate of ideas they lose.

They may try to postpone crypto, but they’re postponing the inevitable, I just feel bad for the people who are manipulated by these kinds of documentaries.

Thank you for your attention, I don’t advise you to watch this , I wasted my time.

EDIT: WOW, never imagined this post would get this much attention, thank you for all the kind and thoughtful coments, sometimes we criticize the people of this sub but i dont think our community is a group of pathetic weasels like the media portrays, of course we have our moonboys our gamblers and scammers, but we are way more than that.

Dont let outside forces label us, they only feel threatened because we are here taking our chances.

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47 thoughts on “Netflix’s new documentary on Crypto, propaganda?”

  1. “The hunt for the crypto king” when I read that it had nothing to do with finding out who Satoshi Nakamoto is, I immediately lost interest and didn’t bother watching it.

  2. Netflix is in the entertainment business. Every film, series and documentary has a story they want to tell. They’re shaped to make sure it’s told. Not just Netflix either.

  3. >Those who invest in crypto:
    >do not have time to exercise
    >are nerds
    >are looking to get rich fast
    >want to buy luxury cars (this is partially true)
    >have no basic understanding of markets or how money works
    >are naive and easily manipulated (I see the irony)

    So they used this sub for their research?

  4. I’m from Canada so I am quite more familiar with Quadriga and their story, I had friends who lost a bunch of $. This was a massive scandal around here because the dude and possibly his wife stole around 250m in a Ponzi like scheme.

    Now, the idea that Netflix is somehow trying to steer people away from Crypto and that makes them a shitty company is in my opinion nonsense.

    Crypto is a relatively new world and it has had tremendously cool stories and some crazy bad ones (see yesterday’s hack of Ronin).

    When their next documentary is about how BTC is the future of finance or whatever it is that will be pro crypto will they suddenly be a better company because they encourage the use of Crypto?

    It’s a shitty individual who did a terrible thing to a bunch of people who lost tons of their savings. Would I like to see a pro Crypto doc at some point, yes, does that make Quadriga ‘s story not worth telling because it may create fear by some for the industry? Hell no. Might encourage people to be a bit more selective and do their own research prior to investing on a project.

  5. Looking through posts and comments, i can’t blame netflix. Maybe we should look around our house before we complain why someone would think that way.

  6. Netflix is the CNN of movies. Just the headline phrases to catch your interest but very little in the actual substance and information that is valuable.

  7. So… here’s the tough thing about crypto… any of the nuances you can’t explain in 1 minute aren’t really relavent to most “normies”.

    What a lot of people in this community need to understand is that as much as being “in it for the money” is perfectly fine, being ok with grifters and scams, so long as you get a piece of the action just tarnishes the image of crypto in general, and makes it VERY hard to talk about crypto without seeming like one yourself.

    The things they talk about in the doc are absolutely true. There was a Canadian exchange, Quadrigax, it could have been a competitor for coinbase since it WAS one of the earliest exchanges especially in Canada, and Coinbase wasn’t super friendly to Canadians… However, the founders pulled what was essentially a rug pull about 4 years ago? the Company filed for bankruptcy and people have been trying to get their money back ever since…

    There are a LOT of stories of exchanges, or crypto backed projects, dissapearing into the wind with very little consequences… NFTs are basically an open scam, even if a lot of people believe the tech WILL be useful, as they are now, they are toxic as hell… and while a few people are getting rich off these scams… its coming at a HUGE cost.

    People who were excited to talk to me about DEFI projects a year ago, won’t touch crypto with a ten foot pole right now. People who were initially excited about the tech behind NFTs, don’t want their name associated with those same projects without first seeing results because the term is synonymous with scam or grift.

    I like money too but if you fuckers keep chasing scams hoping to get rich quick, no one is going to want to adopt the technology when it’s actually realized and viable.

  8. I think it’s good to make people aware for these scams! They would be more cautious when they’ll invest in crypto.

  9. All those points you listed are primarily what the crypto market has turned into. Obsessive chart checkers who only want the next moon.

    I agree the underlying principals of Bitcoin are glossed over a but there’s a reason that shitcoins pump so much and rugpulls are so common and that is the immaturity of the people within this market in it’s current state (devs and investors).

  10. It’s a true crime doc. They do those. This is from a documentary filmmaker. You’re looking way to deep in to it. Also taking it a little personally, huh? Why would that be?

    It’s not a doc about crypto. It’s a doc about this one story. And I’d say that $250M missing, and the death of the founder who could get it back, is pretty tantalizing.

    And label “us?” There is no “us” dude. There’s you, me and them. Come on now.

  11. Dude, it’s just a netflix show. You sound like a nut (or an evangelical christian) saying all netflix shows have subliminal messaging.

  12. What?

    I just watched this with my wife, as a non crypto investor in my 40s, and didn’t take that view at all.

    It seems a scam was pulled by someone with a criminal history, specifically money laundering.

    That happens everywhere, not just in crypto.

    I really enjoyed the documentary.

    It certainly isn’t portraying crypto badly, unless you’re predisposed to see it that way.

  13. OP’s post/review on a documentary, propaganda?

    Let’s face it, you only think this is propaganda because you don’t agree with the documentary. If it were a shilling documentary you’d think it neutral and factual.

    When people say crypto promotes cultish behaviours they are talking about people like you, OP. It’s a documentary about the Quadriga scam and you think it’s a shameful attack, that it’s manipulation, and somehow a dirty strategy.

    Really? Gimme a break.

  14. “Every Netflix series, film and documentary has a hidden agenda or at least subliminal messages that always point to the same ideology”


  15. >the biggest reasoning for the people who invest in BTC is just “rebelling against the system”, they refusing to talk about key topics like decentralization, inflation, too much government power, security or even the concept of limited supply.

    LOL u just contradicted your self

  16. Did you watch the trailer? It’s not a “documentary on Crypto”, it’s a documentary about the purported *death* of the founder of QuadrigaCX. The bloody fingerprint makes total sense in that context.

  17. I honestly think you are putting to much though into it. They have some great stuff like The Internets own kid, all the Snowden films and docus.

    What you are missing is that these documentaries (the one you are talking about) are made for mass viewership. Of course they are not going to talk about freaking descentralization. I don’t think you realize how niche this specific topic is. If they were talking about it, they would bore to death a 90% of their viewers that are content with easy to digest content.

    You are mad because you are simply not their target.

  18. Jesus people it’s entertainment…. They have a ton of similar documentaries about exploits in finance, banking and normal businesses.

    This is just another documentary that’s entertaining, we can’t be getting butt hurt about any coverage

  19. Honestly, reading your description of the doc, they aren’t wrong lol. There are so many gambling degenerates in the space, it’s ridiculous.

  20. > Thank you for your attention, I don’t advise you to watch this , I wasted my time.

    Suggesting people don’t challenge their views seems extremely dangerous to me.

    It is always worth playing devil’s advocate and challenging your beliefs.

    Even more so when you are investing your hard earned money. If there was ever a time to be challenged and to listen to caution then it’s when you are looking to put your money somewhere.

    Some of your rhetoric is dripping in red flags. Dismissing the documentary due to association and the way it is presented. Is that the best way to attack it? Why not list out some key points and present the counter arguments? It is telling that you did not, or perhaps could not, do that.

    If you haven’t already, do look at “line goes up” by Dan Olson. Anyone investing significant amounts of their money into crypto should be challenging their views constantly.

    This is a very high risk game. I have no doubt the world will change but crypto could fall to nothing very quickly. People could just lose interest. A security flaw is discovered. A new technology comes along out of nowhere (the most likely imho). Or how about universal basic income takes off, who will care about buying BTC when all our basic needs are met by the state.

    Nothing is certain in this world. Your certainty is massive red flag in itself. Perhaps you haven’t been alive long enough to see the world change in unpredictable ways.

    Good luck 🙂

  21. To me, the biggest fight isn’t against traditional banking, because as you say it is inevitable that crypto will take some of that market. The real enemy is Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). It will have some of the advantages of crypto except for the most important ones, decentralization, and anonymity. At least centralized cryptos are fueled by capitalism. The crypto companies know that if they mess around too much, the market will turn against them and stop using them. With CBDC, there won’t be any consequences to anything that the government does, e.g. creating its own crypto out of thin air to pay bills much like they do with fiat. If CBDC is force upon people then that is the only option that the public has unless they immediately exchange it for crypto. CBDC scares me and I have a bad feeling that it is inevitably coming.

  22. I was around for that whole Quadriga thing. Was some crazy stuff.

    It wasn’t only Cotton getting away with some really shady activity. This was directly after the Nov-Dec 2017 bull run, many individuals had recently gotten in after 2014, and the community was still relatively small *(-smaller,* that is). A lot of people made more money in 3 weeks than they’d ever made in their lives, with no real comparison to any other such financial event for them to look to. –Many lost their minds. I’m not joking.

    During those months, many new coin laundries were open and closed. Millions and millions moved around, and a lot of interesting downtime within bittrex and huobi.

    Cotton was just the top of that very, *very* deep iceberg.

  23. If anyone is looking for good crypto documentaries I recommend looking on Amazon prime. Really interesting and explain the history, uses and how blockchains work.

  24. I’ve already watched it. They are saying that bitcoin is like a pyramid scam. And almost scares me about crypto. Good thing I like technology/innovation that crypto is one of the good invention of this age. Blockchain, decentralization is what I like about crypto in general.

  25. I’m really confused as to why this is upvoted so much.

    The docu is about a crypto scammer : there are crypto scammers.

    It casually mentions reasons why some people get into crypto: some of these reasons are true for some people.

    I don’t understand why these facts are upsetting.

    “Outside forces”? What is this a tree house club?

  26. Imagine taking out a huge loan you couldn’t possibly pay back in order to buy into an asset that is *famous* for dropping massively in value with no real warning – then blaming the asset because you lost everything

  27. > do not have time to exercise
    > are nerds
    > are looking to get rich fast
    > want to buy luxury cars (this is partially true)
    > have no basic understanding of markets or how money works
    > are naive and easily manipulated (I see the irony)

    I’m in this post and I don’t like it

  28. For most people crypto will not be something they get involved with until decentralized blockchain tech applications become so easy even a caveman could do it. Some will buy coins and tokens to try to make money and have no idea of the tech uses. Right now, even that is a shot in the dark for many people. Retail investors can look at something like Apple and instantly know they make phones and computers. Easy to invest in something that you know. Try reading a whitesheet on just about any crypto and average Joe retail investor will not understand a thing. I know this because I just described me about a year ago. I still consider myself a noob, but I am learning- many will not take that next step until the utility need and ease of use converge.
    Basically, I think the Netflix hit piece is way too early and going to scare away anyone that wasn’t going to get in the mix anyway.

  29. This is why we need a financial course in school/a crypto education course (THAT’S WELL DONE) so other people can educate themselves. Let’s be honest most people would watch that than DYORing because it takes less effort.

  30. Me: loves documentaries and crypto. This sounds amazing at first glance but I believe OP is exactly right. The producer can take whatever narrative they want to push and bend the story in that direction


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