Need help to realize my payment i received in crypto

Hello! I am a freelance Illustrator and I received some bitcoins as consideration for a project I finished for a company. I received it on cryptfinx.
Whenever i try to withdraw, it gives an error saying i can only withdraw funds on addresses which are registered and verified to my account and to verify I need to make a deposit from this address. Now this site is UK centered and I live in a Asia so I’ll have to crate a binance acc etc; make a deposit through bank transfer to my binance acc; then transfer that to cryptfinx acc to get all of that verified and THENNN I’ll be able to withdraw all my funds through that acc making withdrals in reverse that correct??
Now I am skeptical depositing funds to an obscure online website and even that in crypto that i know nothing about. Also, as a starting freelancer you get to deal with lots of scams and i don’t want to get stuck in another one.
i need to make sure .
1. its not a scam.
2. the details of how to withdraw my funds properly.

Any help is much appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “Need help to realize my payment i received in crypto”

  1. I wouldn’t do it. If they want you to deposit before you can withdraw then that sounds very very very dodgy to me, very much like a scam unfortunately

  2. Platform that asks for a deposit in order to be able to withdraw is a scam. Legit platforms usually verify your account differently (depositing money to your account and withdrawing them instantly)

  3. Definitely sounds like a scam, you deposit money to verify and it still won’t release the funds, the cycle continues until you realize it’s a scam and cut your losses.

    In the future you should get them to send payment directly to a wallet you control.

  4. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse here because every other comment has said it already, but this is absolutely 100% a scam

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  6. I am sorry to disappoint you but that sounds like a textbook example of a scam. Cut your losses, do NOT give them any money or crypto at all. Find a way to earn money elsewhere and don’t fall victim to this scam.


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