Need help converting BTC/BUSD to BTC/EUR

Hi, so this might seem a stupid question for all of you, but I need some help.

So basically today I bought some BTC, however I did not have any Euros on my wallet but I had some BUSD (I use binance). The price at which I bought was 1 BTC = 40230.4 BUSD (I also bought some ETH, at the price of 2979.87 BUSD). Both transaction happened today (22/04/2022) at 16:20 (4:20 pm)

With that being said, I need to add to my spreadsheet the price of BTC and ETH per unit but I want to add it in Euros. How can I convert those 2 prices from BUSD to Euros? How can I know the EXACT price of BUSD at 16:20? I guessed that at that time 1 BUSD = 0,9255 Euros but how can I be sure that it is right?

Hope somebody understoon the question lol, cheers

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4 thoughts on “Need help converting BTC/BUSD to BTC/EUR”

  1. Most here probably use a cointracker which does this by its own.

    You can basically open up any USD EUR chart online, select that day and zoom in to see the exact minute, BUT this is just an estimation because exchange rate vary by exchanges. So for a rough estimate you could also just use the daily price as well.

    You can try [tradingview]( for example. I would look it up for you, but I don’t know your timezone.

  2. Go to the chart on binance for BUSD / EUR -> refer to the market rate of BUSD at the exact time you placed the order (16:20) , convert this to euros

  3. try coingecko, add btc to your portfolio and click the plus button you can enter the total spent and how much you receive and it will give you the cost basis per unit


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