My point of view of current situation: there’s blood in the street but history tends to repeat itself

– markets crashing (stocks)? Yes, happened lot of times. Every time is ‘the end of the world’…. And every time it shoots higher after all
– crypto crash? Happened in the past… and recovered to get higher… ok, crypto is ‘new’… but… why should fail? (They said the same of internet…)
– bubbles? Sure! Tech/green/electric stocks bubble burst. Well, bubble of 2000 did the same… and after all we all see how went higher
– Third World War? I don’t think so. Is not convenient for anyone
– inflation, economic crisis, recession…. All happened already and all passed. 2008 for someone was the end of financial system and the world as we know… well we didn’t go back to the caves after all

At the end what I wanna say?
Just chill out.
What you are seeing now already happened. This time will not be different (despite every time someone calls for the end of the world).

What you have to do think/do? Put in your head the word ‘opportunity’. Buy low.
I know most of folks like to buy at ATH and when all is green… indeed that strategy doesn’t pay off.
Don’t go all in now but invest little by little what you feel comfortable with.
Your future self will thank you probably.

I’m down in my investments? Sure I’m.
Am I buying crypto and stocks little by little? Sure I’m.

Good luck out there and stay positive

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39 thoughts on “My point of view of current situation: there’s blood in the street but history tends to repeat itself”

  1. Why are you trying to stop fud? You should be encouraging panic. How else are you gonna fill your bags cheaper and reap those sweet gains later? Get with the plan man!

  2. Great attitude to have, I have been trying to stay positive as well. During the 2008 crisis there was similar panic about global markets and people were afraid to invest in blue Chip tech stocks because they were SURE prices would continue to drop

    Is this the bottom? Im not sure but I am sure that BTC is at a discount so I will continue to DCA

  3. Yes, overall markets have shot higher after past crashes, but many of the companies that were part of those markets never came back. Exactly like in every previous crypto crash.

    Crypto is far less transparent than stockmarket listed companies and many of them have huge market values based on little more than hope the idea behind the token will become important in the future. Most will not and most will go to zero.

    The fact is that for the most part, tokens are simply not needed to run a blockchain/exchange/whatever and they are just a way for the creators to make startup cash. Yet there seems to be an expectation that they have an inherent value like stocks. They don’t. Remember when Celcius stopped taking payments in their own token?

    Previous Crypto crashes have never had a macro environment similar to what we have now either.

    I would say now is a time to tread very carefully. Yes there is blood on the streets, but there could be rivers still to come.

  4. Nah, we’re doomed and crypto will die. Not trying to send btc lower so I can fill my bag, II swear guys.

  5. This guy (or gal) gets it.

    People forget that 2008 was a once in 50 years shock that almost no one anticipated. That’s not the case here. People have been calling for a recession since even before the pandemic. Since 2020, looming inflation has been discussed so much that it became a meme (“money printer go brrr!”) and while the Russia invasion was mildly surprising for some, we’d already seen so much shit in the past 2 years that most were mentally prepared for it.

  6. Ha haaaa, 2008 was nothing. Nowadays they just print as much money as they want to get out of any crisis and that makes the crisis much easier for the economy to deal with in the short term, at the cost of longer term effects due to inflation. But we didn’t used to do it that way most of the time, and that made things harder during the recessions, not easier. Eventually this house of cards is going to collapse. Still, I agree with your overall point. It is probably not going to collapse tomorrow. No guarantees though.

  7. Because crypto enthusiasts can be overly enthusiastic when they talk about their crypto portfolios, new coiners can get pretty high expectations. More often than not, this leads to a big letdown after their investments and that’s why we have many people in so much fear rn

  8. Naw, I believe in crypto hence why I’m investing in it. My investment time frame is long 3-5 years, so I know I’ll do well. I’m investing in projects with good fundamentals and staying on budget

  9. My DCA brings a certain amount of zen to my finances. No buying dips, no FOMO, no panic selling. Just continue on, and not be fretting about the future

  10. In real life things are normally either pretty good or pretty bad.

    In crypto the sentiment goes from going to the moon to going to zero.

    If people can control their emotions and have a medium to long term strategy they would be better at this.

  11. Well I started investing about 1 year ago because I trust in the potential of blockchain technology.

    As nothing of this potential has changed why should I be worried? Yes, that only works as I didn’t invest more than I can afford to lose.

  12. At the time I am 40 yrs old and have time to wait I enjoy buying my target projects a hell of a lot cheaper than they were last year..only time will tell I’ve stared at charts till I couldn’t see straight anymore and most of the time crypto does the opposite so I believe I’m playing a waiting game only time can tell in the end I’ll be here waiting for that dumb ass green candle 🤑

  13. I see young kids (25 or so) freaking out the same way I did when it was 2008 and I woke up to see people outside AIG with their boxes and hearing that Lehman brothers was broke… and the debt was ASTRO FUCKIG NOMINAL for something I have never head of before.

    And you know what?

    The sun went up the next day again. And again and again….

  14. I lost 1/2 of my investments on paper during the 2008 recession with a portfolio of stocks and bonds. When the S & P hit about 800, I sold my bonds and bought stocks just as everyone was afraid and Lehman was going under. Obviously with the index now around 4,000 it was a good investment, but it took a long time. It was not until about 3-4 years that it really began to pay off. So I agree with this post but you need to have a long term perspective. In one year we could be up or down from here. BTC could be at 10K or 80K. No clue. However, long term, I like my chances at buying quality companies whether stocks or crypto, and patiently awaiting solid return on my investment. For now, as long as you DCA slowly, building your positions, I believe this is a good entry point to amass some tokens. If it does fall from here, you will even get better prices on coins you already wanted at higher prices. We shall see what transpires going forward as there are many unknowns in crypto and the space is new. However with patience and a long term perspective, I think it likely that you will see some excellent future gains. NFA but my opinion and the strategy I currently use. Good luck to everyone.

  15. “Third World War? I don’t think so. Is not convenient for anyone”

    I don’t think it’ll start or be avoided out of convenience. I think it’ll start as a matter of course after countries start to invade/attack/occupy others in the name of unification or security. While I am limited on the full extent of it on my limited knowledge, nothing occurs to me about war of that scale being avoided on the test of convenience.

  16. What I’m seeing has already happened?

    This is the first worldwide pandemic I’ve lived through.

    And I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but things can get a lot worse, the 2008 recession wasn’t anything compared to the great depression and we could be approaching another one of those.

  17. China has just began to say Bitcoin is going to zero. You know what that means right boys? time to DCA into BTC, ETH and MATIC. When china says it’s going to zero is when we know we’re doing it right.

  18. As always it’s not as easy as it looks to measure when we’ve hit the bottom. Remember that world war 1 was called “THE great war” before we had the second one.

  19. It’s clearer to zoom out and go yes, eventually it will recover. But in the months and months of austerity to come, it’s gonna be painful. People are gonna lose everything. Morale is gonna be low.


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