My Harmony(ONE) is stuck on Binance for the past 3 days and I can do nothing!!

Its been more than 3 days since I hit withdraw for my Harmony(ONE). The Account started maintenance after an hour from my withdrawal request and now my crypto is stuck. For the past three days, the Harmony Wallet is going under maintenance and whenever I write to their customer support, they provide me with an estimated time of service continuation which keeps on extending. I’ve written them countless times regarding the matter and all they say is that they can’t provide me with any information but the service will start soon. Is there any way or anything that can be done from my side. Could someone please help me regarding this?

Note: Scammers, Don’t DM me, I’m fed up with your cheap tricks

Edit: After much hassle, I finally got my ONE back. Its been 4 days already and when I tried asking for some compensations, they reluctantly offered me VIP+1 for a month. I straight-away rejected it quoting that Kucoin, Huobi are the best and I’ll rather quit the exchange than taking a shitty bonus.

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11 thoughts on “My Harmony(ONE) is stuck on Binance for the past 3 days and I can do nothing!!”

  1. binance been holding ONE hostage for over a month mate. and they do it quite often… to a bunch of coins, including ONE.

  2. I had similar problem with binance and a guy here told me it’s because i have got a dodgy account….

    PS: thats not the case with me nor with you it’s a problem with binance. They stop withdrawals very often (i felt i needed to clarify that)…

  3. sell your ONE on binance, buy something with a low withdraw fee, send to Bybit, sell it, buy ONE, withdraw from Bybit for 0.002 ONE fee

  4. If you can’t wait for withdrawals to start again, can you ask support to cancel the pending transfer if it hasn’t hit the blockchain yet, and then convert to a protocol which is allowing withdrawals ?


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