My first 10x in crypto but in reverse

There’s this shitcoin called CPO on pancake swap which was shilled heavily on twitter when NFT mania was on peak. The staking APY was high so it looked attractive to me. I invested $500 at $0.50 last year. It looked like a good investment when it hit $0.62. But it fell apart after that. It kept dumping until I stopped looking at my investment. Yesterday I opened my kucoin account to see and my investment is worth just $50. This was my first 90% loss in crypto or as they say my first 10x but in reverse.

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25 thoughts on “My first 10x in crypto but in reverse”

  1. Ouch. Did you do any research of this a matter of fomo?

    If you did your research, what was your conclusion at the time and how different was the reality?

  2. This is why high APY is more often a trap. All the coins you earn will be less by the time you have access to them than your initial buy in. If something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

  3. There is this crazy little known investment strategy known as a stop loss. You see, what you do is…SELL!! And stop getting investment advice from social media sites.

  4. I watched a Metaverse project I invested $200 in drop to around $50. It’s part of the game I guess, doesn’t stop is from betting more lol. Just got into the Hyperdex presale and I have the mindset that anything can happen. It can go in to become the next gem or tank to 0


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