My binance account is saying I have $1,900,000,000 of bitcoin

Has anyone else had their exchange glitch to look like a massive amount of crypto has just been transfered in?

According to the app I’ve now got over 44k bitcoin.

When I reboot the app they’re still there and even when I log onto the desktop, they’re still there.

It looks as though I can trade with them but haven’t done anything yet in case someone has accidentally make the transfer and I don’t want to get into trouble.

The transfer came in a couple weeks ago but havent looked at my account since my mid month DCA which was today.

Hypothically, if someone does transfer a large amount to the wrong address does the recipient still keep the crypto?

Edit: It’s not letting me upload screens?

Edit 2: I’m from UK so don’t have to worry about IRS

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32 thoughts on “My binance account is saying I have $1,900,000,000 of bitcoin”

  1. To all the people that say he should withdraw this, I am beyond envious of your level of ignorance on how many extremely bad players there actually is. This is cartel level money. Imagine every single person you know or is closely related to you tortured to death for your whereabouts. For what? A lambo?

    Even if this is a “simple” Binance glitch, if you think this is a no consequence action, you’re mistaken.

    And while I firmly believe in “code is law”, it means nothing in these, real life scenarios.

    OP, notify Binance. Ask for $50k. Or a hundred. Or a cool mill, whatever. But don’t run away with the money. You will not succeed.

  2. There was a story of a whale wallet transferring that much recently. If you have it I just need $300k please πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

  3. **Ihope you read this.** It’s a scam. A visual glitch that people use to make you think you own that much and as soon as you transfer it it auto fills a different address. Contact Binance support before you do anything they will probably confirm it.

  4. Is this somekind of advanced karma farming activity?

    If i had a few million $ extra in btc on my account the last thing i would do is post on reddit about it.

    The first thing id do is transfer it into multiple wallets and dont tell a single person about it.

    And btw this is complete BS πŸ™‚


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