Mt Pelerin – Swiss self custody wallet with KYC-less deposits

With the recent Celsius collapse and centralized exchange FUD I wanted to shill Mt Pelerin ([]( real quick.

They have their own wallet called Bridge Wallet which is a self custody wallet for common protocols from BTC to ETH to Polygon.

You can buy 1000 CHF (slightly less than that in USD and EUR) worth of crypto per day without KYC via card or bank transfer and get Jarvis stablecoins without fees on Polygon.

Swaps are available built in via Paraswap.

With bank transfers the name and address of the sender provided by the bank are recorded so it’s not entirely anonymous.

Deposits are quick (should be same day if you send via SEPA before 8am Swiss time) contrary to some CEX where it sometimes takes days.

Do your own research if they’re trustworthy and suitable to you, not affiliated with them, just wanted to let ya’ll know about an easy to use alternative to centralized exchanges after the crash and CEX FUD.

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7 thoughts on “Mt Pelerin – Swiss self custody wallet with KYC-less deposits”

  1. it’s centralised once again and opens you up to counterparty risk. how is the entity regulated, where are the ToS – did you read them? why would you do this over simply managing the custody process yourself with a hardware wallet?


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