Mourning is over

According to Kübler-Ross, the five stages of grief are:


Since the death of the Bogdanoff brothers, 7 months have passed.

Crypto went trough the first four stages with a rather long depression phase and as of Wednesday (exactly 7 months after the passing of Igor), we will be entering the fifth stage, acceptance!

This stage will lead crypto to enter an unlimited bullish phase, massive gains are to be expected…

I Hope you all filled your bags and may the B brothers rest in peace..!

(Just a little hopium post)

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15 thoughts on “Mourning is over”

  1. I let you in on a secret, the Bogdanovs never died and never will, they were uploaded into the cloud to pümp and dümp as they see fit!

  2. The source code probably needed a facelift.
    *“As mathematicians, Igor and I were involved in creating part of the Bitcoin source code, especially the prediction code”* said Grichka Bogdanoff

    Best regards,
    Green from Kraken 🐙

  3. The 5 stages of grief have been disproven various decades ago. Mourning does not come in stages. Especially in the beginning most people feel all the emotions at once.


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