Most people don’t care about decentralization

Most people don’t care about decentralization because they don’t care about the tech. They’re in this to make money and that’s it.

I’m not saying you or someone specifically, but the majority of crypto investors, ESPECIALLY when a bull market is on. While I agree that the hardcore investor is more likely to care about decentralization, the average shib or doge holder doesn’t.

Do you guys see the future of blockchain being decentralized like Ethereum, Cardano, Bitcoin or Ergo? Or will more centralized projects like Solana and XRP take over due to their VC funding.

Ultimately, do you care about Satoshi’s principles of decentralization or do you just want to make as much money as possible and don’t care about the use case of crypto.

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30 thoughts on “Most people don’t care about decentralization”

  1. Its the politics that matter, not the tech. Decentralization is just a means to an end, not the goal itself.

    Disintermediation is the goal. Even less people get that than the other d-word.

    All the people who join crypto for fiat gains, will simply leave again.

    I blame bitcoin for making up this nonsensical digital gold mantra when their project failed, and twats like Micheal Saylor who spread it like a cult prosperity gospel.

  2. Well when the examples you give of decentralized projects include the top 2 assets by market cap, it’s hard to then argue that centralized projects make more money.

    My answer to your question is: yes. Yes some people care about decentralization and some don’t. Probably most don’t when it comes down to it. And yes most people want to make money. Most people who claim otherwise are lying are independently already well off financially. Something being centralized doesn’t make it de facto better or worse. It doesn’t make it more or less profitable. It’s just different.

    Personally I think decentralization is very important for a project like bitcoin because it is one of it’s core principles, and if list that would somewhat cease to bitcoin. Other projects not so much.

  3. Sure, a lot of people joined crypto recently with the sole aim of making money – I won’t argue against that.

    But a lot of people care a lot about decentralisation.

    And if you don’t, there will soon come a time when you do.

    I suggest you do your homework on how we all arrived here in the first place.

  4. We likely need both. In order for corporate America to adopt crypto it needs to come from centralized projects because they have laws, rules, and regulations they have to comply.

    That starts the adoption phase and then we can get the broader population into decentralization.

  5. Most people think crypto is a scam or are asking me how they can “buy the doggy bitcoins.” This stuff will all be second nature before too long, just like everyone knows what PayPal and Venmo are now.

  6. the only reason i care about the use case of the coin is because i know that other people care about it. so thats why i try to learn about the coins.

  7. Not everyone needs to understand about decentralization finance for it to prosper. What it does is that it enables other vendors to do something with smaller amounts.

    Check out recently, we’re soon gonna be able to use our crypto as collaterals, to apply for loans- therefore enabling larger credit ability to the normies. The concept of “Buy-Loan-Die” which was previously used by billionaires is now available in a much more smaller scale through crypto. That’s what decentralization gives to you.

  8. People don’t care for the same reason you don’t actually care. You didn’t even check to see if Cardano is really decentralized. Obviously they don’t have governance after six years and IOHK still calls all the shots, but look at Cardano’s stake pools. They are more centralized than most VC backed chains. Block production on Cardano is about half as decentralized and secure as AVAX. It’s all marketing. And it works.

  9. I think you unrealistically oversimplify the situation by framing it has centralised vs decentralised.

    The reality is more like a) decentralised, secure, robust, but limited vs b) semi-decentralised, but fast.

    And the reality is there is market for both a) and b).

  10. But nothing is ever really “decentralized”, is it. There’s always someone in control. Even in the Crypto world.

  11. Why can’t we have both? I love Cro and Sol(only when the network is working properly) but it doesn’t mean that i don’t support decantralization

  12. Decentralization is not unidimensional. There are multiple factors.

    Bitcoin has decentralized nodes, but centralized supply. Actually, almost all cryptos have heavy centralized supply. Bitcoin is less bad than most, but the research is clear.

    Bitcoin sorta used to have decentralized hashpower, but just a single company dominates ASIC manufacture, and 99% of hashpower is large corporate infrastructure, with a supermajority of hashpower in western jurisdictions. Compared to say, Monero’s CPU algo, Bitcoin hashpower is very centralized.

    However BTC mining pools are slightly more decentralized than XMR. Still, something like 4-5 pools make up 50% of mining, compared to 2 pools in Monero, so it’s not that big a difference.

    Devs can be centralized too. ETH has a single corporate entity in charge of dev. Bitcoin arguably has a couple, but it seems that only a few people really have big influence and say over protocol changes that actually matter. Bug fixes, testing code, and wallet improvements are a totally different ballgame than actual protocol changes.

    Most projects actually don’t have a wide distribution of people who create and push real innovations and upgrades. Most projects are maintained by a corporate entity, or just a few people.

    So please stop using decentralization as if it were a single factor metric. Use more depth of analysis

  13. Government actions around the world in the crypto space will eventually make EVERYONE interested in making money in crypto interested IN decentralization and privacy. Because it will be the only good way forward I believe.

  14. I’ll be honest. I care more about trusting the person or entity that’s in charge than a governance model of decentralization. If there’s no trust then you are dead to me. Yeah I’m talking to you Zuckerburg and Tenev

  15. If you are just ~~investing~~ gambling decentralisation is just a nonsensical buzzword.

    If you give a shit about the tech and the project is open source, and has a public blockchain, decentralisation is useless. If you feel someone is taking over the chain, fork it and move on.

    The most awesome projects today like Linux, GNU, Firefox, TOR, OPENSSL, GNUPGP are open source and **not** decentralised, and they are our last hope to have any sort of freedom.


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