Most of you who bought NFTs for future profits will end up stuck with it. Prove me wrong

I know that NFTs are not just JPGs.

I know some NFTs are art.

I know that traditional art could be useless as well.

I know that some people made good money from that.

But most of them are just empty promises for future gains.

Unlike buying cryptocurrency which you can actually sell or pay with (and it’s value will likely increase), you’ll end up stuck with a quickly deprecating asset that depends on hype.

Prove me wrong.

Won’t most of those who spent their crypto on NFTs end up with nothing?
Is it that different from regular collectables?

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37 thoughts on “Most of you who bought NFTs for future profits will end up stuck with it. Prove me wrong”

  1. I create art NFTs and you’re absolutely right. Most “roadmaps” are complete fabrications that will never come to fruition. Projects promising to make videogames, animated series, etc. are almost all completely blind to the realities and costs of creating such a project. Those that do still have a statistically low chance of actually being any good.

    It’s why I don’t provide roadmaps or promises of value for my work. “If you like it, feel free to buy it” is as far as it goes. Any other value I give over that is an added bonus, and I do plan to do so, but only to the degree that I am actually capable of achieving. Lies and empty promises make more money though.

  2. I’ll do you one better: I’ll prove you right.

    NFTs are like a hot potato. You get it and you try to unload it to the next fool that pays you more for what you get it for. Eventually, the last fool will be left holding the potato and getting burnt.

  3. That is the reason i don’t invest in NFT.

    I can be wrong and congrats to those that in the future will take profits but actually i can’t see utility for most of the NFTs

  4. You’re not entirely wrong.
    I find consolation in the fact that using the tech will hopefully propel it to new heights where it does reach its potential.

    So when the day arrives that Non-Fungible Token technology is common place in our day to day lives, thank the wild wild west it is today.

  5. Those who actually bought NFTs on a whim/DYOR/lucked out/whatever made out like bandits.

    If you FOMOed into the craze and are hoping to find the next Bored Apes project, yeah you’re probably gonna get screwed.

  6. For 99% of projects, you are correct.

    I have chosen projects with a large number of users which helps with liquidity. There are no guarantees in this world, but choose wisely.

  7. We shit on NFT’s because we dont understand them (i dont anyway) and then we get mad at everyone who shits on crypto because they dont understand it.

  8. Most of you who bought ~~NFTs~~ Crypto for future profits will end up stuck with it. Prove me wrong

    I can replace nfts with crypto for each of your sentences and it’ll still hold true. Yet here we are in a subreddit called cryptocurrency.

    The point is, there are as many bad nft projects as there are shitcoins(probably less) shit ones will die, so will your shitcoins, good ones will survive.

  9. They’re dumb until you make money off of them. I’m in a couple of gamefi projects that yield a decent amount of money per month. NFT’s with utility are different than NFT’s without utility. Will my NFT’s bring me money for the foreseeable future? Some will, some won’t. It’s like anything else in crypto, you should always cash out what you put in when possible.

  10. I don’t even have an NFT or a desire to buy one and even I think this comment is facetious. They don’t have to prove anything to you, it’s a speculative asset much the same as almost all the other crypto space, your mind is closed and obviously made up so move along.

  11. Buying an NFT is like buying a bookmark in a book. You don’t own the page, you own a method getting to the page. Same goes for intellectual property, you won’t be owning it through NFTs.

  12. What I hate the most about NFT is, everyone is now an art expert. Most of the involved people couldn’t care less for art earlier, they barely knew there’s a market for paintings, sculptures, etc. But now, everyone is an art expert.

  13. >Won’t most of those who spent their crypto on NFTs end up with nothing? I

    Yep. The fact that people get so butthurt over this but cant explain why you’re wrong is proof that they know this too.

  14. Forget the NFTs, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with all these Beanie Babies! They told me back in the 90s they’d be worth a fortune!

    Do….do you want some Beanie Babies? ^(please)

  15. I want artists to start using NFT’s as tickets to keep giant ticketing conglomerates honest. I’m sick of buying a few tickets for friends and it’s more than $100 in convenience fees.. Artists are really getting fucked on these unrealized losses. These fees equate to 30% of ticket prices sometimes!

  16. Until the issue of actual ownership gets resolved I don’t think these investments will work out the way people think they will.

    The real power of NFTs, I believe, does not lie in jpg trading but in it’s applications in contract law and the medical field.

  17. I thought NfTs were stupid until
    I got white listed for a project and made a 5 Eth profit I’ll
    Hodl Eth forever and if nfts can gain me more Eth then to me it’s worth jumping on a few hyped project with the hope of her whitelisted Flipping NfTs though scares me big time


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