Moons options bet

The bets are running on the official r/Cryptocurrency Telegram group, we use JW (r/Cryptocurrency Mod) as middle man.

To bet, join the telegram group, register with Moons tip bot, deposit Moons to your wallet and send them to JW .

Bet #1

BTC to reach 90,000$ once before end of year 2022.

If BTC don’t reach 90k before end of year 2022 I lose the Moons and you win.

15,000 Moons I bet

Bet #2

BTC to reach 120k once before end of October 2022

5,000 Moons bet
This is 0.7x ratio
You put 1,000 I put 700 Moons.

Bet #3

Btc not going down to 25k before end of July 2022

10,000 Moons bet

This is 0.7x ratio
You put 1,000 I put 700 Moons.

Minimum bet is 1,000 moons

P.S I’m not the person who is running the bet, I’m posting this on his behalf, when you join the official rcc telegram then please look out for his username @GecommoGentillo, more than 40,000 Moons already on bet. Also apparently the rcc mod jwinterm has given permission to post this if anyone objects this.

Thanks for reading.

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15 thoughts on “Moons options bet”

  1. biggest problem with this is that if I take this bet which I think I can win, I will lose the new moon bonus for holding my moons.

    ask if he will take an IOU?

  2. Someone should really write a smart contract. Not sure what the oracle situation is there. Guessing it would need to bridge to another chain…


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