Monthly News Summaries – August 1, 2022

Welcome to the Monthly News Summaries thread. The purpose of this thread is to consolidate periodic news summaries into one place for the convenience of our readers and give contributors better visibility.



All r/CC rules apply. Only approved contributors are allowed to make top-level comments, ie summaries. Summaries will be sorted by contest mode. This thread will posted on the 1st of every month at 12PM CST and pinned once a week if an open slot is available.


Contributors can submit summaries on news articles, coin prices, sentiment, or any crypto related subject. Contributors post content at their earliest convenience. Therefore, it may be advantageous to use the RES extension to subscribe to this thread and find out when content is posted.



* u/itachiwriting

* u/samuel19xd

* u/RaphizFR


If you want to submit your own news summary, simply post it as a top-level comment below and insert `[NEWS SUMMARY]` somewhere in the text. After posting, it will be filtered to the modqueue and the aforementioned tag will give it special attention from the mod team. To earn approval, your summary must be based on a unique idea, have at least 1500 characters, and not contain any referral links or offensive language.

Approval could take a while so it may be wise to plan ahead for the next News Summary thread by subscribing to u/CryptoNewsUpdates. It is possible the thread could be pinned twice in one month, so if you post it now you could get a second chance for visibility. FYI, the latest News Summary thread will be linked in future [pinned Cointest comment threads]( to help increase traffic and visibility.


Please be aware, this thread is experimental and a work in progress. Expect future changes.

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