Moments like this help me remember why I’m in this

The last week or so I watched (with most of you) my portfolio go down 60-70% in a few short days. Right now there’s a pump happening and I am now down “only” 40% lmao

I finally got back into the coin that started it all for me while I was drunk during the Super Bowl in January 2021 and my friend talked me into throwing $200 bucks into Doge. After accumulating 10K doge coins at an average of 6¢, I watched it go to 71¢ and finally sold on the way down a few days/weeks later at 36¢. I’m now back in at a satisfactory 11¢ average with a decent amount of coins.

During the last year and a half or so, I’ve learned so much about a lot of the different coins out there and I do have to say that I love this sub and the people here. I’ve developed quite the combo of coins in my portfolio and am extremely happy with my plans for DCA, my FOMO triggers, and my mining.

Keep your heads up people. Pump days are fun and dump days suck, but always remember three things:

1. Buy when there’s blood in the streets, especially if it’s your blood

2. Diamonds are formed under pressure

3. Safemoon is a scam

I hope to see you all on the moon some day

List of Coins I buy and hodl:

BTC (bi-weekly DCA $150)

ETH (daily $5 DCA on Gemini Earn + mining)

ADA (one major FOMO and staking for 7 months)

AMP (can’t stop won’t stop)

DOGE (daily DCA extra money from a delivery app I drive for for 1-2 deliveries per day)

ICP (go ahead and laugh; I can’t wait to laugh at all of you)

SHIB (bought when I got out of safemoon in November with barely a profit)

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13 thoughts on “Moments like this help me remember why I’m in this”

  1. If ever there was a time to be awake it would be now, party if you must but also be willing to cry if not.

  2. At this point things have been so volatile I’ve been observing the change notifications with barely a shrug. But then, we only put in what we could afford and I’m definitely getting a bit jaded.

  3. This pump feels like a fake out. We have no positive news that accounts for it 🤔

    Don’t get me wrong, I like to see it but very wary.

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