Metaverse isn’t a new innovation , it’s a very old idea and has been for a long time. It’s just Facebook’s metaverse is stupid.

Like the language of the page of a book enables you to create a new world inside your mind. The metaverse is a place, limited only by human imagination. There are people who hold their entire network and self-worth online and if it were destroyed, they wouldn’t even know who they were. The metaverse isn’t a new innovation. It’s an extension of what has been happening for people using symbols to represent ideas, and a space, that gives other people the ability to explore them. The beginning of the metaverse of adoptions started with cave paintings much like the language of the page of a book enables you to create a new world inside your model.\~ JoshTerry.

*Metaverse may have become the buzzword only recently, but it is well-known Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (www) in 1989.*


The meta verse experience has existed for a long time. Games like Rec Room , Club penguin , second life , pop tropica ,VR chat, world of wildcraft . The list goes on and on.

Facebook meta campaign talks as if this is a new revolutionary technology that is going to change the world when its already been here for a long time.

Another stupid thing was online concerts and party and you had to buy clothes for your virtual avatar which were NFTs. Yes, you would own a jacket or a shirt virtually which you would have paid for with real money so you could attend a virtual party.

With Facebook losing trust with you know all the data stealing stuff , they have nothing left so they had to rebrand and get into Meta. The Metaverse being connected to crypto and Nft already has a audience.

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37 thoughts on “Metaverse isn’t a new innovation , it’s a very old idea and has been for a long time. It’s just Facebook’s metaverse is stupid.”

  1. I thought it was just a Second Life update.

    Dwight and Jim will be keen- unless Dwight prefers it to be played by his avatar’s avatar in a second second life.

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    I am from the Latter Day Saints of did you delete your facebook?
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    I must ask,
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  3. Meta wants to sell experiences that are free to us. Like hanging out with friends. Mark literally wants to capitalizes on social experience after capitalizing on personal data.

  4. Of this isn’t an echo chamber I don’t know what is, so facebook’s metaverseis stupid but crypto metaverse is legit. Talk about double standards

  5. Second Life is a really fantastic example of what a metaverse is, and honestly, it’s the only one.

    You can fully customize how you look, with body types, skins, tattoos, piercings, hairstyles, clothes, etc.

    You may think “yeah, you can do that in every game”. Sure. But in second life, there are MILLIONS of choices of things, all created/sold by the players.

    You can get some land and put down a house and fill it with things, again, countless amount of content all player created and sold on the market.

    You can go shopping for clothes, or furniture, or games, or BDSM gear, or cars, or anything… all created and sold by players.

    You can play in-world games with other people, from arcade machines, to bowling, to board games, to shooters, to anything. Again, all created, programmed, etc by players.

    You can go to clubs (created, designed, decoreated, etc by players) and listen to actual real live DJs (actual players), and dance (with animations created by players).

    You can go to trivia nights, or a plethora of other events, all hosted and created by players, located at player created venues.

    This is what the metaverse is. An online sandbox where all the content is player created, just like real life.

  6. The Metaverse sounds so depressing to me. The earlier concept of metaverse was meant to have fun. With Meta’s vision it looks like they wanna make it mainstream and part of the daily life. A bunch of people never leaving their chairs not because they are having fun but because it is what you are supposed to do.

  7. Lizardman Zuckerberg lost 300 billion dollars worth of stock after Facebook users started declining :’) highlight of the year.

  8. A bunch of people saw Ready Player One and all these tech companies decided they could convince us that Web3/the Metaverse would somehow be like that. It’s like they’re promoting a VR game

  9. I feel like at some point virtual reality worlds will be a big thing, just don’t think it’s going to be with Facebook (nor would I want it to be)

  10. I think the sheeple public has eventually caught up with Facebook’s metaverse BS. That is why Meta has lost like 40% of its value from its ATH.

    Some people like to call crypto crazy because of its volatility. Those same folks also like to hold FB in their portfolio. And I like to tell them at least BTC hasn’t lost 30% of its value within a few hours as FB did.

  11. Metaverse is not new however only the current technological advancement has allowed it to be more widely adopted. And that’s the difference between now and in the past.

  12. I hope the world won’t go so jack shit introverted, that “touching grass” can be legitimately used as a literal medical treatment for “social anxiety.”

    Oh shit, spicy take. I meant, being awkward mistaken as “social anxiety.” Because the cure of being awkward is to just talk… face to face… Second Life is a successful implementation of Metaverse.

    Would it be too far to call Roblox a Metaverse? Nope… apparently the I and the writer of the article happen to see it the same way.

  13. Really? I thought Mark did a great job hosting the marketing video! He’s so relateable and cool and normal that I connected to it immediately!!! I sure was hoping $Diem was gonna work, too! I would have bought as much as possible exchanging it for BTC!!!

  14. Ready Player One being held up as an “introducer” to virtual reality is hilarious. Yeah, the concept has never been in any kind of mass market media prior to that…

  15. I mean when u gotta rename your company Meta just to cling onto the association with the word Metaverse you know it’s not gonna be memorable


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