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This is more of a maths or even a spreadsheet question, I’m usually ok at that stuff but i can’t wrap my head around it sym. I’ll try and explain.

Firstly, i was thinking about a situation where I’m trying to average down, but then that means they you have to keep putting more money into something, which maybe you don’t want to do. So then i realised that, even though selling at a loss is not what i want to do either, you can still improve your position by selling at a loss and then buying back in even lower, without adding more money to the risk.

What I’m trying to work out, in that situation, is not too calculate the resulting average price. Also, i should explain that i tried using coinstats and another similar app for this purpose, but i didn’t like it, because the information never seemed to be accurate, i couldn’t work out how to add one if my wallets and i also don’t like having them connected in too many places, for security reasons (or just me making a stupid mistake)

So, when i make a purchase, i basically enter the price and the quantity, and it works out how much I’ve spent overall on how many tokens and gives me the average price. So, if i wanted to factor in a sale, would i just be adding a minus amount for quantity at the relevant price? Then I’d add in the new sale at the lower price? For some reason i just can’t get my head around whether that will calculate correctly? I guess I could try it out with some simple numbers…

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  1. You are making it way too complicated. Average coin price = cash you have put in / # of coins. All you have to track is: 1. Cash In 2. # of coins. You can trade all you want, but cash/coins=average price.

  2. I think I can figure your problem out if I knew the result you want from the math. You said “What I’m trying to work out, in that situation, is not too calculate the resulting average price.” But you didnt say what you did want, only what you didnt. Do you want to know HOW to figure out the dollar value to get back in with a positive position?

  3. Bro, wtf are you even talking about?

    Just use some example numbers and calculate it yourself.

    Buying 500$ worth of btc at 50k

    Buying 500$ worth of btc at 40k

    This would get your average down to 45k for example, etc.


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