Many older projects will lose their place to new ones over time. But which ones?

Over time, new projects will take over the market.
it is not only about being more technologically sound. But also social and economic trends.
We saw it many times before. Over past decades the same thing happened to tech companies and websites.

But which crypto projects are most likely to drop in popularity?
And which ones will take their places?

To answer this question we need to study projects age, market cap, fundamental news, technology, and number of people and corporates using their blockchain.

My nominees for droping in popularity are:

1. Cardano: very few promising fundamental news. No substantial grow in blockchain chain use or market cap. And it is much older than many , more promising projects.

2. SOL: had a nice run but security issues might take a toll. And it is constantly droping in market cap.

3. Doge and Shiba: least deserving top projects. Constantly losing value and momentum. No innovation technologically. Very unlikely to stand this bear market.

4. DOT: only reason I believe DOT will lose its former glory is ATOM!

5. XRP: whales love it. But it is technologically nowhere near top. Nothing special around it. Will eventually give its place to newer projects.

IMO projects like Phantom, HBAR, Near , Algo and ONE are some of the contenders to reach top places. Still it is all speculation.
As a wise man once said
“No one knows shit about fuck.”
Have a nice night or day.

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34 thoughts on “Many older projects will lose their place to new ones over time. But which ones?”

  1. Doge has survived a really long time. No horse in this race but I wouldn’t count it out.

    I think xrp will make a comeback when it beats the sec. Ripple are involved in some big stuff so xrp will naturally follow that imo

    Ada depends on CH living up to his own hype so that’s a gamble

  2. The coins I FOMOed into after reading posts about a great projects will probably be the ones to crash. Never go full FOMO.

  3. Again, it would be good to see actual adoption evidence for each of them.

    Otherwise, it does seem like there’s more going on with ATOM than DOT these days…but that could be because of all the airdrops, many of which are starting to look pretty sketchy.

  4. The Cardano one lol. Cardano is the most active blockchain now with larger transaction volume than ETH and BTC. I may want to save this post for later.

  5. $Scroogecoin will be top 20/ top 10. Partnered with Jeugo Studios they are making a free to earn casino. Look at their site and how they have positioned themselves to do this and tell me I’m wrong

  6. As history shows the second half of the top 100 will change a lot. Old coins like Dash, Waves, Zcash will leave. Icon and Zilliqa are already out of the top.

  7. All the dog, cat and safe space object projects gonna be replaced by new dog, cat and safe space object projects. Eventually, they all gonna die anyway.

  8. I personally think Venice Finance is going to gain popularity, its kinda crazy how many don’t know about this dex. It interesting to see what the time is doing with zk proofs and the development of bulletproofs. It has so much potential

  9. Algo, Near, Hedera and Harmony have similar problems. Bitcoin is obsolete as well. I’m not 100% sure about Ethereum but it’s the one I’m most sure about

  10. This thread just shows they all seem pretty weak when it comes to adoption. Maybe XTZ will survive because it seems to be doing stuff.

    Otherwise, BTC and ETH seem to be the only ones being really used.

  11. Will they tho? Or will every new project be looked at with too much skepticism while old ones gain more name recognition and trust? Just a thought. I don’t shit about fuck.


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