Making money could not be easier

99% here are on the easy side of Crypto. No seriously.

Only thing you need to do is do research on coins and pull out your wallet to pay for them. While crypto devs take a big risk of potential fuck ups and other things while the community spits on them.

The harsh truth is people investing in shitcoins deserve to lose their money. It’s not that hard to take time to do your OWN research before aping in. I think many already learned their lesson.

There are many oppurtunities especially during this bear market to make money.

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23 thoughts on “Making money could not be easier”

  1. If you think you can get (almost) guaranteed profits when doing your own research you will most likely have a really bad surprise at some point

  2. Once you understand this is nothing but legalized gambling and that the vast majority of crypto projects will never see any type of adoption you will have a better outlook on it. Buy and hold is only going to work on a select few projects.

  3. *researching the entire crypto world being down in 2022*

    Yea… couldn’t be easier …![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|im_fine)![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|money_wasted)

  4. >Making money could not be easier

    I used to think the same thing before bear season started and I saw my money melt down in the crypto market

    Greed really fucks a person’s life

  5. A lot of mistakes, rugs or scams when you are investing in crypto can be avoided by having common sense. There is always some luck involved, but majority of problems are caused by just stupidity and greed.

  6. Hard agree. You just invest in solid projects and simply hold. Couldn’t get easier than sitting on your ass waiting.

  7. The key there is to do accurate research/digging and not get duped/crushed by larger forces at hand. There’s a bit of luck to this whole thing because some good projects die just like shitcoins do. It’s still an irrational and young market where fundamentals don’t always equal price action. Unless you’re buying BTC/eth, you’re not really making a play that’s shown long term resilience to new highs in a subsequent bull market- and even then, this trend may stop as we get into the multiple hundred billion/trillion dollar marketcap range.

  8. >99% here are on the easy side of Crypto

    WTF does that mean? What’s “the easy side of Crypto” that 99% (of subscribers to r/Cryptocurrency, I guess) are on?

  9. The one thing you missed which is the hardest is timing. If you can work out when to invest and when to take profits.

  10. Etc and Bch….. Made me bank in this bear..

    Study the charts etc at $14 and Bch at $108… No Brainers.

    But you have to sell when you are up in a bear… Bc the price will drop back down, possibly lower than you bought at.

  11. >Making money could not be easier


    >Only thing you need to do is do research on coins and pull out your wallet to pay for them

    So like, a lot of us are down 80%+. Riddlemethat

  12. Talk is cheap. Its very easy to say all this. Can u say people didnt do research on lunc and that it didnt seem like a great L1? They lost more money than people in shib or doge.

  13. There is one tool that you must learn….

    The 4 yr cycle…

    3 years up, 1 year down….

    It is that simple…

    Making bank, bc I don’t buy the Ath in year 3…


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