LTO Network announces 3 partnerships in one week.

It is nice to see some movement again in LTO Network after a reasonably quiet start of 2022. They announced three partnerships in one week, 2 metaverse companies and a national lobby association in India.

All three look like interesting partnerships to me, the metaverses are also helping other companies enter the metaverse, building games, be it 2D or Unreal Engine, and the association in India seems like perfect timing to expand the web3.0 decentralized identities part with now that India has pushed crypto toward the more legit side of the spectrum with their official announcement of taxes on it.



Bithotel: [

Your Open Metaverse: [

Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI): [



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  2. I wonder if the LTO partnership is from a desire to be seen associating with a more legitimate project as India is going to heavily regulate, and LTO are already GDPR compliant in Europe/UK as I understand?


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