LRC with a safemoon type community: shitcoin or not?

So we all know about Loopring being used by GameStop so they can have L2, but does LRC really have any utility or is just fart hype from their PR?

Everytime I try to ask a real question in their subs, I get down voted to hell and called shill bla bla. It feels like a cult that just repeat WAGMI (to where??), BYOB (???) Confirmed that started as a meme and might be a thing in 5 to 10 years (lol).

Their so hyped quarterly report worth 10 times by Byron, it is still nowhere to see.

It feels like a pump and dump so they can unload their bags. Like Daniel did and created that Taiko.

Do you think LRC will end up like a safemoon, Luna style? Or will really have a future?

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22 thoughts on “LRC with a safemoon type community: shitcoin or not?”

  1. >Everytime I try to ask a real question in their subs, I get down voted to hell and called shill bla bla.

    Go ahead and read through OP’s comments. The reason you get downvoted and called a shill OP is because you’re kind of a dick. Let me pull some of my favorite OP’s comments brb

    Editing with comments:

    “Dumb AF the utility.”

    “So the BYOB is just fart from him as I kept saying.”

    “Byron is a shitcoin pumper hyping stuff and saying dumb stuff that people repeats without thinking.

    “Fuck Byron”

  2. LRC has been around since 2017, nobody cared about it until last year and for good reason, they didn’t do anything and still don’t really. The biggest hype event was for something that Gamestop was making, not Loopring. For a project that is 5 years old they really don’t have much to show for it.

    Their community manager is a 12 year old kid called Byron (not really but you would get that impression by the way the guy talks).

    There is lots of talk of things they plan to do, but there doesn’t ever really seem to be anything actually happening.

  3. Why are pro LRC posts constantly removed while posts with negative sentiment always stay up even though the author didn’t even do a little bit of research beforehand?

  4. The rumour is they’re building a crypto based alternative to the stock market. Big if true. Shit if false. I hold a bit just in case.

  5. I’m certainly not a fan of anything NFT related and they seem to talk about that a lot in the sub, but I find that it’s an ongoing theme across most of the crypto communities I’m a part of, no matter how reputable they are (the ALGO community has been doing this as well). I’m personally just not sold on the usecase yet but that’s just me.

    Regardless, I hold a large bag of Loopring because I believe in the simple concept that zk rollups will be extremely important to ETH scalability in the future, and LRC has been in the game for a long time. It’s the kind of mechanism I think is best suitable for long-term growth and adoption so I’m supportive of it no matter what the community is like.

  6. It’s the whole GME cult just latching onto another target: one of several competing ETH scaling solutions as though it’s the second coming of Christ. Make of that what you will.

    I’ve never bought any.

  7. LRC is just another L2. Other projects can already do what LRC does better than LRC. It’s just GME for Crypto. Feel free to take a look at how GME performed after the initial pump. It’s a shitcoin.

  8. It’s an ETH L2, that alone provides it with some minimal amount of utility at least. It does look pretty culty though

  9. Crazy wsb hype over a decent coin with a use case as an L2, but it’s far from a guaranteed winner. The community has actually kept me away from getting a large position of LRC

  10. When i first heard about layer 2s they seemed to certainly have some utility and kept hearing about Loopring and Polygon. Saw the amount of things Polygon was doing while Loopring seemed to kind of stand still and never looked back since then

  11. The fact OP thinks its Byron who said that about 10 Q reports shows how clueless he really is. Obviously bought at an ATH and is butthurt about it.

  12. ^(Nope, no utility. No whitepaper, No 100’s of articles that you can google about what LRC is capable of.)


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