Looking to take everything out of Crypto.com, best way to do so?

Nearly 6 months ago I staked for the Jade card, with all the rewards and what not I felt it was a good investment. Now everything has basically been taken away (understandable in the current climate) and I’m looking at moving my crypto off of an exchange. I have roughly 60% of my portfolio invested in CRO and the rest in random coins.
My plan is to trade all the coins in to one coin and move them off the platform in to a wallet. More than likely MetaMask or something, my question being what coin/coins have the lowest transfer fee? I was bullish on CRO but I don’t have the same faith in it as I once did.

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24 thoughts on “Looking to take everything out of Crypto.com, best way to do so?”

  1. Just transfer what you have to a wallet you own the keys and support what you want to transfer.

    ALways do a test transaction.

  2. If you are into the whole Cosmos ecosystem you could create a Cosmos Account (ideally Ledger). Connect ledger to Keplr Wallet. Switch Network to Crypto.org and send those CROs over.
    Next step is to open the Osmosis DEX and deposit those CRO to the Osmosis chain to trade them to whatever token you like.

  3. 1. Send all your CRO to FTX because CDC fees are 2% and FTX is 0.02%
    2. Sell for BTC on FTX
    3. Withdraw to your HW wallet (try safepal is cheap and work with phone)

  4. It used to be called monaco before crypto.com .. they had this ref program in early days .. I made 2000€ from it but they never gave it to me .. they changed name to crypto.com and scammed all influencers ..

  5. Get a hardware wallet

    There’s enough stories on here everyday of scams so do yourself a favour and protect your crypto. BTC is probably the way to go for not in terms of what coin to withdraw out.

  6. – Sell everything to USDT then buy ALGO

    It is fast, safe network, easy to use and on lots of exchanges ( if one day on you want to trade back to something else )

    Withdrawal fees is 0.5 Algo that’s like 0.15$

    You can use Pera Wallet for holding your keys


  7. CRO fees are low I paid 0.001 CRO to transfer a lil more than 100 tokens. However I’d swap another token as they stated here just that’s NOT based on an exchange just based on the news recently.

  8. I did a similar thing, swapped my shitcoins to BTC/ETH and a few promising alts and moved it all out to two different hot wallets until I get myself a cold one

  9. What you should be worried about is not so much the transfer fee but whatever you buy will it do the shitcoin thing and just drop from 100$ to 0 in a matter of hours.


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