Looking for someone with a good strategy so we can make a trading bot together.

Hey lads, for the past few months I’ve been trying to code a trading bot. Works great and stuff wasn’t to hard tbh. The only thing I’ve been struggling with is the strategy. I tested over 1000 strategies and none seem to have worked so far. If there is someone in this community that wants to share his/her strategy with me I would be totally fine with giving him/her my bot so he/she doesn’t have to trade manually any more. I can quite confidently say that I can code almost every strategy ranging from algo to market structure. Have a nice day y’all!”

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12 thoughts on “Looking for someone with a good strategy so we can make a trading bot together.”

  1. Its pretty difficult when you have thousands of trading bots trying to win at a zero sum game against other trading bots. Good luck tho, not impossible.

  2. Did you try the buy and hold strategy? Probably don’t need a bot for it, but if you insist perhaps it can spit out a neat little chart breaking down your current holdings.

  3. You’re testing strategies in a bearish market. Hard for them to work when Bitcoin doesn’t go up.

    I started leverage trading small amounts on Binance in a bear market. I’d go to bed with a great entry and wake up liquidated. Once the market turned bullish, it all clicked and I cleaned up.

    I picked up a few strategies that work consistently. I’d expect they’d need some tweaking for bot trading and additional strategies to improve the win ratio.

    Tell me more about your bot. Is it python? Is there a way to set it up so it scans all the coin charts on Binance?

  4. Hmm I just use Elliot wave counts but there are everytime more results (for up and for going down.)
    Think this is to hard to code.

  5. Didn’t a guy post earlier with a consistent strategy? I dunno where he went but his post should somewhere in today’s posts


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