Lookin’ more and more like “stagflation 3.0” to me…you?

– a paper recession (neg GDP, but other things seeming “ok”)
– Low unemployment [hence the 3.0 version]
– High inflation
– Layoffs of high-priced workers
– housing prices not “crashing” but “softening”

What worries me is that this could last for a decade or more and mean the slow death of many a business, retirement, housing, or other investing dream.

What does this have to do with crypto? Well, it’s a vehicle that is unpredictable, and in that way, I’m still investing in it [DCA & wait and see].

What do you speculate might happen if we’re stuck in this middle ground of low growth/high inflation/decent employment?

Where do you see coins going?

Do you see a use case for crypto for good and for ill during these times?

Thanks for reading.

Hope you’re doing okay. <3

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7 thoughts on “Lookin’ more and more like “stagflation 3.0” to me…you?”

  1. You might be witnessing the “soft landing” that every “expert” said couldn’t be done. Crypto will be just fine. Might take some time for a full blown recovery but there’s nothing that can or will stop that.

  2. “Store of Values” typically do go up in value during high inflation/stagflations. Question is, does the rest of the world think of crypto as a “Store of Value”?

  3. Please remember that unemployment benefits reporting do not reflect the actual unemployment rate in this country. I know of hundreds of people who have been laid off and their benefits ran out a long time ago who can’t find work. And don’t tell me they should just get a job flipping burgers, because trust me most tried and applied to literally everywhere and no one will hire a person knowing they are going to quit the first chance they get. Been there, done that.

    All of the stats are only reflecting the data available, which is highly flawed.

    I am optimistic for crypto, and have been holding everything I had since March of last year. Fingers crossed I made the right decision, time will tell.

  4. Not worried at all about BTC and p2p/sov coins

    Optimistic about ETH short term cause of the merge

    Alts might not fare well but not selling as they are already over 90% down. But if we see a nice relief rally will consider converting more to BTC

  5. We are 3,000,000 jobs below pre-pandemic. Biden took over a closed economy. Literally the only metric to use is getting back to pre-pandemic levels.


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