Look back at the coins in the 20-40 m’cap range, 5 years to the day.


[5 Year Snapshot to the day.](


* Ironically, compared to the top 20, there was more green
* DOGE, the choice of degenerates outperformed everything in the top 40
* XLM proves itself as the, thereabouts king
* ABSOLUTE BLOODBATH on market cap losses.
* Shows the desperation of bag holders of some coins to not let it drop 99% despite the market cap dropping below the recognisable zone.

Inspired by [this]( top 20 chart, which although starting 6 month later, roughly correlates.

Conclusion: you’re a better chance at the casino than hitting on another DOGE.

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12 thoughts on “Look back at the coins in the 20-40 m’cap range, 5 years to the day.”

  1. So hodl for 5yrs+ doesn’t seem to work very well unless you hold a dog coin with no use case. I guess people said the same thing like they do today about projects how they are supposed to be revolutionary and make people rich for hodl long-term. Instead never regained its ATH and are now obsolete & dead projects.

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  3. bears make money, bulls make money, pigs get slaughtered.

    Very interesting to see, I’ve been a fan of getting my initial out after a 100% pump and then taking 10% as it rises more during a bull.

    It doesn’t feel so bad when things like Luna and one shit the bed.

  4. Thats because 1 person holds about two thirds of all the DOGE in circulation. Coin cant crash 90% if you’re holding over 50% of the minted coins

  5. Not all Alts are built the same. DeFi, GameFi, and stablecoins didn’t even exist back then. There are way more consumer facing use cases today than in 2017


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