Long term investments are the key

You don’t invest for retirement so that you will have a bunch of money to spend at the end of your life.

I hear it all the time, some variation of; “What is the use of having a fortune when you are 65 waiting for death?”

This is so stupid, it’s unbelievable. When you are 65 you could have more than 25% of your life left to live.

You are investing for retirement so that your life isn’t a living hell on earth for 20 plus years.

Secondly, it’s possible for those to be the best years of your life.

We know that psychologically, people don’t age much past 20 years old.

So when you are 65, you won’t feel 65. You will still have hopes and dreams and get crushes on people just like when you were 20.

So if you think of how much your 20-year-old self would like to be financially free to pursue living your best life, that’s how much your 65-year old self will enjoy it.

Most importantly though, investing for retirement changes your psychology.

It reduces your fear of the future and empowers you to look for opportunities to build wealth.

Invest for retirement makes it more likely that you will be able to become wealthy earlier in life. (Text by joshterryplays)

Stop chasing after the next pump and dump creating a 100x/10000x when u can invest in blue chip coins giving u a 2x and some good staking rewards. It’s not about timing the market, but the time in the market.

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40 thoughts on “Long term investments are the key”

  1. With the amount of party I have on my body I ain’t reaching 85 nor I wouldn’t fucking want to.I am 40 and I am fucked already 😀

    When I am ready to go I am going to euthanize me (I am pretty sure will be legal already in several countries) and stop being a (most likely) burden and a pain in the ass for my family.

    I lived plenty already. I travelled the world doing couch surfing, been to hundreds of concerts , learnt how to play guitar and paint. I have a family now … fuck spending my money at 70. I want to quit my job in 10 years or at least to not give a fuck about it whatsoever and still manage to leave something for my daughter so she can have a good life. I want to be able to spend the most time I can now ,not when I am 72 years old and I look like Ozzy Osbourne testicles

    Fuck retirement. If covid taught me something is that I was 100% correct in seizing the moment and taking my chances and opportunities.

  2. On the flip side, penny pinching and missing out on experiences when you’re younger and probably more able bodied is a recipe for disappointment. There’s a balance to everything and that’s up to the individual who is in charge of their own finances. Living until 65 (and average retirement age is gonna increase over time) is not a guarantee, especially as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer rates continue to climb. Hell, you can get killed tomorrow in a car accident without any fault of it being your own.

    All I’m saying is it’s best to live in the moment and save for the future. The allocation for those two things is up to the individual and there’s no right or wrong answer.

  3. Yes, it is very important for me to invest in the future, but I have to live now the beauty of every age and every moment is different

  4. >You are investing for retirement so that your life isn’t a living hell on earth for 20 plus years.

    ask someone old who you trust what happens to your outlook/perspective over time – it changes! what is important at 20, 30, 40 becomes a chuckle at 50, 60, 70. accrued experience is part of it, more is due to how much we change our true selves to conform/survive when we are young – you would be surprised at how much infants and toddlers modify themselves – true survival stuff that we forget about. once you realize you don’t have to compete against other people so much to survive (retirement), your true self emerges and everything changes again. it’s okay to acknowledge you are a bastard because everyone is.

    i think the blockchain networks are going to be huge because they represent an opportunity to live with less competitive bs. you can invest in the networks and use them for savings and to invest in other information assets like nfts (which i think is going to be far bigger than the shitty social tokens – more artists can make a living now without having to give up so much of their IP to third-parties). eventually most of our activity can go on them, including governance, certainly how we interact with the state. the future is bright.

  5. Im only interested in long term investments,and its kind good for my head to just own most of the promising projects. Also owning something from real world through Heritage dao is nice, because they offer real museum artifacts to be owned through nfts.

  6. You still need a portfolio of risk adjusted blue chips along with some other plays. Nobody knows how all of this is going to turn out and being diversified reduces some risk.

  7. Holding my 1,000,000 Shib until its worth $1,000,000. It will be a great return on a $10 investment.

    Only 5 years to retirement, I can hardly wait.

  8. I feel with crypto you can set your own retirement age. Its doesn’t have to be 65. But i agree long term investment (compounding) is the key to wealth creation

  9. Too many people saw Doge / Shib / Safemoon rocket in short timeframes and convinced themselves crypto is how to be a millionaire overnight.

    It is and it isn’t. It’s possible – it’s not probable.

    Make regular investments into a Smart Selection of blue chip cryptos and you will see great returns in a few years. That’s the best advice to give.

  10. I’ve been in the crypto game for over a year and I’m at least £2000 down… holding until it rises is my only option

  11. Agree with this in general BUT the most important thing in crypto, I learnt through experience, is to sell pumps. You HAVE TO sell pumps. If you don’t, others will, and the price will go back down. Buy the same coin back cheaper if you want to, but selling pumps will make you a LOT more money than you would by holding/staking.

  12. My dream when I die is to be one of those legends that uses their fortune to build a library or a hospital for the community and for my own vanity it’ll be named after me.

    Or give it to my spawn if I have any I guess. If they’re smart they’ll use what I’ve given to build an even bigger empire.

  13. Waiting till 65 to become FI is absurd, and idk how people fall for that..

    Learn a valuable skill and find a niche. Shouldn’t take past 40 to become totally financially free.

  14. I mean now that I am 22 your def right everything makes so much more sense when I think back my parents literally everyone on this planet is just 20 years old mentally

  15. I’m 35 and my body definitely does not feel like it did at 20. Sorry to burst your bubble but you’re probably not going to be doing a lot of white water kayaking at 65.

  16. Long term investment is really what matters for the one who really knows the true value of it.

    Long term investment has a number of advantages as well !

  17. Yeah no I’m holding for 5 years and selling because I said I want to retire by 30 and not when I’m wearing adult diapers


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