Litecoin Cash: Yes, it’s alive and it might be one of the best crypto projects out there

Litecoin Cash is not a well known project, and yet, it’s probably one of the most interesting projects out there. The team behind it has been working for years on it, and has been able to bring something to the world no other pow chains have done: green and democratic Proof of Work.

Through the process of Hive Mining, miners are securing the network on low-end nodes, with a minimal amount of electricity. It rewards quick machines over raw power. For more info i would recommend reading the hive white paper. It’s a pretty new type of mining so the concept is still hard to grasp without reading more into it.

Transaction speed is good, real good. Nothing real special here, but worth mentioning

With the MinotaurX algorithm, GPUs cannot attack the network.

Hive mining secures the network from 51% attacks.

The Rialto, an encrypted chat and trading platform will be integrated soon.

Very undervalued, and will integrate on some bigger exchanges later this year.

If all that doesn’t interest you, it’s okay, I get it. But if the prospect of a Proof of Work coin that costs almost zero in electricity to secure interests you, LCC might be your next love affair.

‘’It might make some sense to get some in case it catches on’’ – SN

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12 thoughts on “Litecoin Cash: Yes, it’s alive and it might be one of the best crypto projects out there”

  1. It has $1000 daily volume. I wouldn’t recommend touching anything that can be so easily manipulated like that.

    Having said that I’m not dismissing it’s authenticity, but its way too risky to consider looking at.

  2. Isn’t it less secure if you just need light machines to run a node ?

    How can an algorithm protect it from GPUs ?

    With an unknown project, you should give details or it just sounds like a scam…


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