Like LRC? Try AURORA too

This is not a competition post. I like both projects but LRC is better known one and I think Aurora should be known too.

Ethereum scaling solutions are great and with recent hype of Loopring on this sub, allow me to introduce you to Aurora.

**If you like LRC, you’re going to like AURORA.**

**Unlike other scaling solutions, there is no hurdle to start using Aurora.** Using [Rainbow Bridge]( via NEAR you can transfer your tokens with extremely low fees (less than $0.01) and voila! You’ve got access to Ethereum without high gas fees! You can also directly bridge from Ethereum to Aurora though obviously ETH gas fees are involved.

Since Aurora runs on NEAR, it has **instant finality (2-3 seconds), extremely fast speeds (10k TPS)** and is **massively scalable** due to its developer friendly nature. And its **fees range from $0.05-0.1!**

And it’s ecosystem is just starting out. There are several DeFi and NFT projects on track to launch on Aurora soon. And the already existing DeFI dapps have high farming APRs. Check all of them [out here!](

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4 thoughts on “Like LRC? Try AURORA too”

  1. I always look at post history when these look like shills. It could be genuine enthusiasm – having posted about aurora numerous times – or essentially a shill campaign.


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