Let’s get Real

Cryptocurrency has a ton of great use cases. Blockchain is an incredible technology. BUT, cryptocurrency as an investment is a complete pyramid scheme and scam and we’ve seen why over and over. If one coin is highly desired and the price goes way up, there is absolutely no reason why another coin can’t just take it’s place and do the exact same thing. Think about how many interchangeable shit coins there are out there. The only reason to use one coin over another, with few exceptions, is fomo and I think this get rich quick bs is terrible for crypto in general because it takes away from the actual utility of the technology. It’s delusional to view crypto as an investment and the sooner bitcoin and other cryptos crash to near zero, the sooner some real cool advancements in crypto will come

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  1. >BUT, cryptocurrency as an investment is a complete pyramid scheme and scam and we’ve seen why over and over.

    Tell that to anyone who’s held BTC for 3 years at any point in its existence.

  2. Small fish used as exit liquidity for big fish that’s crypto especially alt coins. HODL is the biggest heap of shit ever, take profit when you can.

  3. There really is no such thing as a public blockchain without an underlying crypto. A blockchain is the engine, its crypto is the fuel. When you invest in a crypto like bitcoin, you are investing in the bitcoin blockchain and are predicting that demand for the use of that blockchain—which requires bitcoin to use—will go up over time.

    Blockchains are only as secure as the capital required to attack them. That amount is determined by the value of the respective blockchain’s native token. So while anyone can create a copy of Bitcoin, the copy lacks the security of Bitcoin and consequently isn’t really a copy at all. Put differently, it is precisely the price of the native token that prevents two blockchains from ever being identical. The price of the token, its value, is part of the technology. That’s what ponzi-screamers never understand. The token is part of what makes the technology work. If you like blockchain, you must like tokens.

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  5. The ponzinomic coins are going belly up now. If your investing in bullshit coins and financial products your gonna get wrecked at some point. Just so happens that now is the likely time most of those are falling apart.

    Meanwhile meaningful projects are doing great things and investing in those now is a great opportunity.

    Sounds like you capitulated.


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