Lana Rhoades has a meltdown over Coffeezilla’s exposing video, deletes her Twitter

Fucks her fans, and then runs off with the money. She even had the audacity to bring current events into this.

Here’s her Twitter, which is as of now deactivated.

Shoutout to Coffee if he’s reading this for the good work in exposing all the scammers in this space! There’s way too many influencers in this space that are jumping into crypto/NFTs and then scamming their fans. Some of them are even bragging about it, it’s sick.

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28 thoughts on “Lana Rhoades has a meltdown over Coffeezilla’s exposing video, deletes her Twitter”

  1. Can we please get like a porn where a girl gets in trouble for her NFT scam turning shit and then has to fuck her way out of it?


  2. What a horrible person lol, she tried to get some confirmation bias via simp comments but she was shown really quick that not even simps would cover up for this kinda shit smh

  3. >”People are living in fear for their life right now in Ukraine and people are worried about NFTs. What has the world come to?”

    Yeah who knew that people would be pissed at you if you steal from them? They should just be thankful they aren’t at war right Lana?

    I mean is she actually serious??

  4. Anyone who fell for this obvious as hell scam may want to rethink their life choices. I remember seeing her posting about this project a while back and I legit laughed at it. It just oozed scam.

  5. Never watching her performance videos again. After how bad she fucked me I can’t even stand watching her fuck anymore…I mean perform. Sorry


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