Kraken is the only exchange I’m aware of which actually cares for their customers

You most likely read the top post on this sub, that the CEO of Kraken warns people not to hold their coins on an exchange, even though it might hurt his own company.
This is just one of many reasons why Kraken is my favorite exchange.

**Customer Support > Marketing**

Compared to many big exchanges, Kraken is quite unpopular because they don’t spend much money on marketing. They rather like to spend their money to provide the best service to their customers and happy customers (like me) do the marketing for them – this is how it’s supposed to be IMO.
Also they have great customer service via live chat (with real people) who are 24/7 available to solve your issues in a matter of a few minutes. They even have Customer Service on Reddit (accounts with Kraken Tag)



Kraken has been operating since 2011 and since then they never have been hacked.
They provide the best security features and even though I wouldn’t advise you to hold your funds on an exchange, your funds are pretty secure on Kraken, if you enabled all security features.


**Fast and great rates**

The transaction fees are quite low compared to Coinbase and Binance, and regular deposits and withdrawals are completed within 24h in most cases (they also offer instant deposits).
Also, you can stake many coins on Kraken and they offer quite good APY with high staking rewards.


\-Kraken has to deal with many lawsuits and complains from people and authorities for listing coins like Monero. I’m quite sure they would be better off, if they’d comply but they don’t, they continue to list a great choice of coins.
\-Proof of Reserves: Kraken developed a technology which enables you to verify, if they actually hold the amount of Crypto they claim to have. Based on the last result, every coin was on spot.
(I just wish they would implement an insurance for your funds and that would be the cherry on top of the cake.)

I hope some of you give Kraken a try and decide on your own if you like it or not.
Big thanks to Jesse Powell for creating Kraken and every employee for operating the exchange! <3

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30 thoughts on “Kraken is the only exchange I’m aware of which actually cares for their customers”

  1. Using any brokerage is a necessary evil. They all have a conflict of interest where it is in their best interest to fk you over. They are NOT your friend or ally and they never will be. They are in a competitive market and will adapt to the wants to entice as many customers as possible. At the end of the day their objective is the same. Get your money into their account.

  2. I never used kraken, but the customer service on crypto com is excellent from my experience. I already mentioned a few times in chat with support that I really appreciate the effort they are making and that you can really feel that they all try their best. Everyone seemed genuinely happy about it too. Don’t have much experience with any other platforms.

  3. I switched from binance to kraken a few weeks ago and I’m so glad I did. It is so much more transparent and less “gambly”. i get a ton of binance emails trying to force margin trading on me and it is really annoying. Also the kraken app/website is so much cleaner.

  4. I’m so bullish on kraken, too bad I make my purchases on Coinbase pro bc of their fees but for my long term Holding I use kraken. Eventually I’ll switch to cold wallet

  5. The day Kraken allows ACH as funding option, it will become my main exchange. I love everything about them, just have that ACH issue.

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  7. Fairyswap cares about thier community too, as it is a community driven exchange a decentralized at that. It also has low fee and great rates and great security. I’ve used Kraken but their are money other alternatives

  8. Kraken is the only CEX that has verifiable 1:1 of the coins in their customers wallets, as far as I am aware. This is a very big deal to me. Price and fluctuations should represent supply and demand. If an exchanges is saying 100 of coin X exists, and is trading on their platform when the exchange only owns 10 of said coin, things like staking 80%+ of this coin has less effect on the price.

    Much respect to Kraken.

  9. Kraken had big fat-finger sell-outs a year ago. For example, Ada dropped from 1.11 to 0.17 in one candle. I don’t know if they fixed it or not now but someone got rich.


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