Keep hearing about bears vs bulls and so I looked up where the terms come from.

We hear about “bulls” and “bears” but where did the term come from. I search google and post it here if you are interested.

First, very strangely enough, the actual origins of these expressions are unclear. However the most likely explanations are the following.

* The terms refers to how the animals can kick your ass. A bull will thrust its horn at you and throw your ass into the air while a bear will swipe down on you and its good night. Thus when the price pumps its a bull and when shit tanks its a bear market.
* there is another example about middleman selling bearskins they don’t have for a higher price and wanting to purchase the skin at a lower price, thus these dudes became known as the bears. And apparently there used to be really messed up blood sports where people pit bulls vs bears. thus the name bears vs bulls.

Honestly I think like the first explanation more however and sadly there seem to be more literally evidence for the 2nd version.

Anyways now when you talk about bear vs bull you will know some reasons why they are called that.

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11 thoughts on “Keep hearing about bears vs bulls and so I looked up where the terms come from.”

  1. I honestly just thought it was Bull because bulls like to charge and go up.

    And then it’s Bear because prices are slumbering, just like a real life bear hibernating.


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