Just casually trolling the crypto.com arena

Was in L.A this weekend for the super bowl and saw this crypto IRA company trolling the crypto.com arena, they were parked outside So-Fi stadium for the super bowl too. Had to snap some pics, made me chuckle and think of y’all on this sub! Honestly though Alto Arena has a better ring to it than crypto.com arena, and imo it’s good to see all these crypto companies going mainstream, we all saw what happened with coinbase and the super bowl commercial they aired, It’s really just a matter of time before there is only cryptocurrency.

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12 thoughts on “Just casually trolling the crypto.com arena”

  1. Marketing isn’t about how much you’re spending. It’s about how many people are seeing and how they’re perceiving.

    They don’t have to be mad expensive always

  2. 11 month old reddit account with activity only in the past 10 days, seemingly curated photos. Pardon me for getting my spidey senses tingling, but I’ve been around this site long enough to spot signs of potential shilling.

    I might be wrong, but I invite fellow redditors to come to their own conclusions.

  3. One sign said they didn’t want to buy an arena, so they bought this truck billboard or something along those lines. Troll level 100


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