It’s time we spoke about Lucky Block.

This might not be the first post about it but I’ve yet to see one. Lucky Block has designed a decentralised lotto-like platform operating on the BSC which allows players to participate in a fairer lottery with better odds, regular draws, and immediate access to jackpot rewards. Their platform breaks free from geographic strongholds and local financial systems, paying users in LBLOCK tokens, immediately. Lucky Block is also developing a V2 upgrade and Ethereum bridge which will allow trading on centralised exchanges.

Investors who hold their token LBLOCK will receive 10% of every daily jackpot, without having to purchase tickets or participate in the draw. Owners of the Platinum Roller’s Club NFT get lifetime entry in the daily NFT draw, as well as automatic entry into a $1,000,000 + Lamborghini jackpot draw once all NFT’s have been sold.

At this stage, Lucky Block has released their android app and are set to release their IOS app in the coming days. Once everything is released, the draws begin. Furthermore, with 47,622 investors (at time of writing) and the prospective release of their V2 token, they will soon be able to list on various CEX’s including Binance. When this happens LBLOCK could explode.

Any and all opinions are welcome! If you think it’s a total rug pull that’s fine lol. If you think this project has potential, explain why! The project is still in its infancy, and has seen some hiccups along the way regarding the execution of their NFT sale and their backtracking on the use of the term ‘lottery’ (among other things). Critical discussion is thus invited!

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9 thoughts on “It’s time we spoke about Lucky Block.”

  1. No thanks. It doesn’t seem interesting. Seems more like “let’s see how many people we can get to get more money”

  2. I dont know about that project, but gambling and lottery in crypto will become more common. Actually it is strange taking so long to become more popular imo…


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