It’s possible to find a 100x cryptos

A few months back after accidentally stumbling across a crypto rich youtuber, I thought of an idea. The next day I went into action. What I’m doing now is searching for a new 100x coin and you can too. Below are some notes I took for a better idea of what questions to ask yourself to find a 100x crypto too..

1. Do they offer promises with no product?

2. Do they have a product?

3. Do they have a website designed professionally?

4. Do they create NFTs or have a P2E game?

4. Does the community look fake with visible bots?

5. Is there an active community?

6. Do they offer a BSC token or do they have a new blockchain?

7. Are they audited?

8. Can you find tweets or reviews on YouTube?

9. Are they on CG or CMC?

10. How old is the project?

Before investing in a project DYOR. Search all of their social media channels to find information. You can find groups and talk to the members and admins. After you receive the information do more research about it.

Here are three cryptocurrencies I’ve came across so far.

1. I’ve found a token with a market cap in the millions that sells NFTs on OpenSea. They are in the process of developing a game.

2. I’ve found a development team building a web 3.0 services marketplace similar to Fiverr. Their token has a 500k market cap.

3. I’ve found a token for a decentralized version of Reddit with an underlying technology. I found it at 100k marketcap. Now the marketcap is at 250k. It was as high as 600k.

The possibility of finding a project that could 100x with time is available. Look at the early Bitcoin investors. Don’t put all your crypto into one project. Investing between 10-20 different projects with lower to higher risk is a better strategy. Take your time and search and research quality projects and teams.

Finding a 100x coin is realistic. Expecting 100x in one day is ludicrous. Hodling is best method of investing. That’s why the richest Bitcoin hodlers all recommend it.

It’s time to find that 100x crypto coin you’ve been looking for.

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27 thoughts on “It’s possible to find a 100x cryptos”

  1. I’ll skip out on the searching for the X100 coins and stick with BTC and ETH for now ,I find it’s hard to know who will survive the bear market as it’s still early days before the next bullrun…

    But I’ll certainly be on the lookout around the next BTC halving for a nice little gem …

  2. Yes you can find a 100x coin, but it will take you more than 100 tries on average which makes it kinda pointless. And most would probably sell at 10x already which makes it even worse.

    My advice: Try to stick to something… *less stupid* or so.

  3. The problem with this is that people think their project is like bitcoin.

    A diamond in the rough that nobody truly understands until many years down the line when it explodes.

    Let me just help you out here.

    Your project is not like bitcoin.

    And with all the moonboys looking for the next 100x, theres just as many moonboys that are happy with a 10x.

    And them jumping out crashes the price before you ever get to see those returns.

    Better advice while shitcoin hunting would be to take profits while and when you can.

    That way, you don’t have to hold as many bags 💼

    And even better advice would be, to just not do it.

  4. I like to think that I can pick a 100x winner and then I get smart and end up investing in BTC and ETH.

  5. Looking for an x100 in a bear market, fair play, not something I or many others with 2 working brain cells would do.

    But any coin that is not backed by multi million or billionaire companies are not going to survive this bear market, there are coins that were in top 10 last bear market that are dead now…. This isn’t the time to be gem hunting, you can literally DCA on coins like ETH that will easily x5 from this price next bull market…. Stop chasing and back proper projects.

  6. It’s possible to lose all your money when your due diligence is kindergarten level.

    It’s not 2021 anymore. The game has changed.

  7. If you would’ve told somebody in 2015 that Dogecoin will be one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in future, no one would believe you. You can’t predict what’s going to 100x

  8. Copy-pasta white paper/fancy website/unknown & fancy titled team is first dead give away it’s likely a scam project

  9. Easy.

    Wait for the bull market – look on tiktok and instagram. What gets shilled the most, buy.

    Worked with doge, shiba, dogeelon, safemoon.

    Dont forget to sell. Who needs a product ^^

  10. Yes it is possible, just quite hard and risky. Like x10 is nothing unusual in crypto from time to time, but x100 is quite rare. If you are crypto long enough and are good investor you may find one or even few coins that will give you x100, ofc if you are early enough.

    Just most people try to become rich fast and try to do x100 with shitcoins which usually end terribly.


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