it’s kinda sad that people who put money in crypto are judged by people who spend the same amount for useless stuff.

I’m sure you guys have experienced this. Being judged for investing in crypto by people. What’s more ridiculous is that these guys explain why investing in crypto is bad whilst drinking expensive coffee, wearing ridiculously expensive branded clothes etc.

I buy crypto instead of buying stupid stuff. I buy crypto instead of buying expensive alcohol, or a pack of cigarettes. I buy crypto instead of buying a $200 sneakers.

I wish people realize that we invest in crypto cause we got some goals for which crypto is the only way. That’s why I refrain from talking about crypto with anyone. They won’t invest. First they’ll judge us, then they’ll burn in jealousy if we make money out of it or they’ll ask for us to teach them.

This just piss me off, like alot. Yes there’s risk in buying crypto, atleast it’s better than burning money for ridiculous things.

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45 thoughts on “it’s kinda sad that people who put money in crypto are judged by people who spend the same amount for useless stuff.”

  1. You’re the same as them OP. you’re judging them on how they spend their money. just like how they judge you for “investing” in crypto.

  2. You compare crypto to useless stuffs? How dare you! It’s not like that 99% of cryptos are useless, right, right???

  3. >I buy crypto instead of buying stupid stuff.

    The irony of being annoyed at being judged while simultaneously judging others. Way off the mark OP.

  4. Wow, how dense do you have to be to write this text?

    “I hate being judged for how I spend my money, so I will judge them how they spend their money”

    Not everything in life is about money man

  5. Because some people on here make it seem less like investing and more of a personality trait.
    Which is why i chose to completely stop talking about it unless someone asks me. The sad thing about this is that now people thing i was just following a trend rather than actually understanding what i was doing. they don’t know that my bag has increases by atleast 600% and so did my knowledge and understanding. My advice to anyone who gets made fun of or is ostracized for being in crypto is that you should just keep it to yourself unless asked. Except of you’re using someone else’s money ofc

  6. Nobody is telling you to spread the word of crypto. Invest your money, no need for you to tell your friends how you’re investing in crypto, what for?

  7. Goddamn, I think I’ma have to dip out of this community. Every post lately is making me roll my damn eyes so hard; it’s not healthy.

  8. It’s their own money, let people spend it however they want to, be it investing in Crypto or buying things that they enjoy

  9. Doesn’t have to be a zero sum game. Crypto is a very risky “investment” (gamble) and there’s nothing wrong with also enjoying life. You get one life to live. Find the balance.

  10. Nothing makes me more mad than crypto people who are this oblivious. You have nooo clue why people hate you, and it’s painful to watch. The sheer lack of empathy and listening ability is the *exact* caricature that gives us such a bad name.

  11. You’re literally the same as the people you’re complaining about lol. You can do all those things, you don’t have to *only* buy crypto. It’s not a personality type.

  12. I’ve never experienced being “judged for investing in crypto.”

    I would counter that if somebody is being “judged for investing in crypto”, what he’s really being judged for is being annoying.

    Because if you’re running your mouth all day long about crypto, because you’re really into it and think it’s a good thing and you’re doing a good thing and so on, you’re being annoying.

    It’s like being one of those guys who spends 16 hours a day at the gym and that’s all the talks about thinking that he’s being judged unfairly for being muscular. Or one of those guys who can’t shut up about his last 50 trips to Napa and all the stuff he knows about wine. Or one of those guys who can’t shut up about his political viewpoints and rants to everyone he knows.

    None of them are being judged for the thing they do. They’re being judged for being annoying.

  13. Stopped eating lunches years ago. Use it to buy $50 worth of Eth every week regardless of price.

    Lost 18 lbs and made alot of $

  14. I actually don’t get criticized since I’ve shown the amount of money Shiba Inu gave me off a $500 investment. Instead I have ppl asking me how to get in . I sold my Shib and got into ETH.

  15. When I was a kid I used to be puzzled why some adults buy toys but don’t open them. Now, I have been collecting expensive action figures for over a year (though I do open the boxes because I prefer them out of box and I’m not planning to resell them)

    Pretty sure you’d consider these as “useless stuff”, but it’s money I spent that has made me happier (and they continue to give me joy whenever I look at them).

    I have a sister who buys lots of expensive sneakers. I honestly would not buy 300 dollar sneakers that I would only wear once or twice a year but am happy to spend that much on a figure that I really like which just stands on a spot in my shelf.

    My brother spends hundreds of dollars on mechanical keyboards, I’ve spent a fair amount but not on his level.

    Key takeaway is everyone has their own interests and hobbies they indulge on. It is generally a smart thing to be saving/investing for the future but don’t forget to experience life and enjoy the present.

  16. it’s kinda sad that people who put money in shitcoins are judged by people who spend the same amount for useful stuff.

  17. I find the worst ones are the people who call anyone who invests in crypto evil because of the energy usage concerns yet they’re happy to drive gas guzzling vehicles around every day, use streaming services, use online banking etc etc…

  18. About 3 years ago I decided to stop caring what other people do and stop caring what others thought of me. I say I’m sorry about once a week and that’s often not genuine/serious.

    Let them buy shoes, drugs, booze, hookers, LV belts, whatever. As long as I win in the end I don’t care.

  19. I invested in equities for years before I ever bought any crypto, and it’s the same thing there. Those same people will also call you stingy later for reinvesting your gains if you choose to do so, instead if buying a brand new car or huge house (this from my personal experience).

    After a while you will not care about the criticism.

    I do not take financial advice from people that I believe make horrible financial decisions, which as far as I can tell is the majority of people I have known throughout my lifetime.

    If crypto is your thing, then just own it and enjoy it. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.

  20. I started DCA during Covid, I was stuck inside with nothing to do so started using the money I would have wasted in the pub on crypto instead.

    I still save the same amount of fiat but I use my beer money on crypto now instead. In my mind there is a good possibility I wont have just wasted it getting drunk

  21. When weed was legalized a few years ago i got hooked on ahopping for weed (we have a big network of mail order weed in canada) there were new strains weekly. I bought more thab i smoked. And smoking alot of weed (and drinking too much) is not good. Some of it got so old i had to throw it out.

    What cured me ? Buying crypto.

    I cut back on so much unnecessary expenses.

    And really its a double bonus in that my new addiction eliminates the wasteful spending, that expense literally went up in smoke. Crypto is saving that expense and its making me money.

    I went 3 months without buying weed, when that ran out i went 10 months without smoking. A number of months ago i decided i should buy a little weed but it took 2-3 months before i did. A few times i actually placed an order, then when i went to pay i said “fuck, luna is making a move” cancelled the order.


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