Its hard to believe but, Binance Chain (BNB), Terra (LUNA), Coin (CRO) are all build on the Cosmos SDK.

The cosmos system is insane, when they say that they are The Internet of Blockchains its not just hype. Here is a list of of all the projects that are build on it. This include non other than, Binance (BSC), Terra ( LUNA) and CRO and of course ATOM. Here is a list of 200+ projects.


What makes them their ecosystem even more interesting is what they are calling, Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC), which is essentially a system that enables independent blockchains to connect, transact, exchange tokens share data and scale. In other words once IBC is enabled for the blockchain it can just easily cross between each other, no more bridges, high fees, weird conversations. A really great example is Osmosis which is a beast of its own and is now the top 5 DEX in a matter of months since its release. This shit make other DEX website look like they are from the early 2000’s; its smooth and fees are practically non existence for some task like transferring between blockchain or claiming rewards.

If you haven’t done so already, please check it out and their sub is hands down helpful and supportive.

And because of the way IBC works people who stake things like ATOM/osmosis/juno are getting extra bonuses with airdrops.

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14 thoughts on “Its hard to believe but, Binance Chain (BNB), Terra (LUNA), Coin (CRO) are all build on the Cosmos SDK.”

  1. To be clear everybody, Terra, Kava, Secret, CDC etc are not built on top of cosmos. They are built using the cosmos sdk. Each of the mentioned chains are completely independent Blockchains. Cosmos Blockchain might not even be the best. A lot would agree that its Terra.

  2. For some unknown reason Cosmos feels like an underrated project which deserves more attention although its getting a bit more exposures due to the recent air drops

  3. I feel so bad for Cosmos investors. Tokenomics clearly failed them

    This is also a lesson on why to avoid ALGO. They copy/paste it to build stuff for small countries and the foundation pockets the spoils at your expense

  4. I didn’t want to mentioned this since its only partially true but even polygon (matic) is built on a modified version of Tendermint called Peppermint.

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