It is good to sometimes lower your expectations in crypto.

Too many people in crypto have too high expectations and easily get dissapointed when they didn’t get rich overnight or in just few months. Crypto is not romantic comedy, not everything will go fine, some projects will die, sometimes you will need to HODL for years to make nice profit. Unfortunately many investors believe in lies that crypto is some “get rich scheme”, which is not true ofc. They get into crypto and their portfolio sunk cause they had too high expectations, but didn’t put any effort to DYOR.

If you want to become filthy rich in 2 or 5 years you most likely will be dissapointed as hell. Not saying it is impossible, just that it is wrong attitude in crypto. Simply DCA, invest in smart way and let it be. Nothing more can be done. You can’t control market. Even BTC or ETH investors can’t guarantee they will make certain % of profit in certain time. Other projects are less predictable. Fine to believe coin will go up, we all invest to make profit, but counting BTC will go to $300k in 3 years and you will make x10 and fulfill all your dreams is not healthy. You will think too much about things you have not control over.

If your expectations are too high you won’t be happy even if your portfolio will grow a lot. You wanted lambo and a mansion, so even mercedes and own home won’t make you happy. You can say otherwise now, but we all know how greed and numbers game work. Even some very rich people aren’t happy, the can’t enjoy what they got cause wanted more. Everyone want more and more. But those that have smaller expectations can enjoy simpler things.

Too high expectations may lead to overinvesting. If you believe some shitcoin can do x1000 or that BTC will go to $60k in few months, why not put some more money? More than you can afford to lose. Too high expectations can turn into gambling at some point. If crypto can make you rich why not take a loan or sell a house? It will just be temporary and you will buy it back, right? Nope, most likely you shitcoin won’t even do x10 and bear market will be few months more than you predicted. If you invest just some money and think about some relaistic x2 or x3 profit over few years you will be fine. You had low expectations and if you will make few hundreds dollars it will be amazing feeling. If you invested all lifesavings and thought you will become milionaire you will be ruined 99% of times. More you want, more risky decisions you make over time.

Bear market is also in big part reason of too high expectations Our subreddit is “dead”, why? Cause some people get reality check, and they can’t handle it. Instead of lambos and piles of money they get red portfolio. On the other hand experienced investors think about long term, stable, not crazy profits, so they are fine even during bear market.

TL;DR: Having lower, more realistic expectations is smart thing in crypto. And definitely is more healthy for yourself.

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33 thoughts on “It is good to sometimes lower your expectations in crypto.”

  1. The problem isn’t the disappointment, it’s financially illiterate people blaming crypto for the outcome they would have otherwise fallen victim to anyway, sadly.

  2. The mindset that I have is that I am early to a space that has a good potential to grow and become huge. It’s not about a 1000x overnight to me. It’s the possibilty for a 3 to 5x over the course of a decade.

  3. You should always temper expectations.

    What I hate seeing recently are the nonstop comments and posts about people saying “I throw money at crypto and just assume it’s gone”, thats such a poor mindset to have as an investor.

  4. >If your expectations are too high you won’t be happy

    Happiness is the key, not the profit. Try to be happy even in small profits.

  5. One thing is sure. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions…In regards of financial expectations – make a plan and set your desired target price for selling if this is something you even consider.

  6. Haha, I don’t lower my expectation, but I don’t have high expectations either, I use CrowdCube a lot and Waiting for Angelblock now, when you invest in stuff before them even being public or known, you will fail 80% of the time.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t expect high, I expect it will fail, but if it doesn’t, it usually goes like a rocket to the moon and mars then

  7. With things like house prices out of control in many places, many people turn to crypto as the “fast track” or sadly the “only possible track” for achieving their dreams.

    The reality is that for most financial-style markets the real returns come from compounding over time.

    I love the long-shot gambling aspect of crypto though, using “what I can afford to lose”.

  8. İma just keep adding BTC every month for the next 10+ years, and ETH with the goal to sell at a new ATH.

    Gambling on the next big things or moon coin is too much for me

  9. >TL;DR: Having lower, more realistic expectations is smart thing in crypto. And definitely is more healthy for yourself.

    Being smart is the dumbest mistake you can ever do here.

  10. Dyor properly and u’ll be just fine imo, fine 5-20x in a bull are around the corner but people fail to enter early and see innovation..the same was with MATIC and SOL, who would have thought they will moon so heavy in one bull run..And NFTs also, Azukis, AngelBlock and even the degen play goblintown have a nice future ahead imo..Early days are returning to crypto, we are allmost sitting on the ATH prices of 2017 for some projects


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