Is the coinbase Debit card worth getting

Just wondering if this card is even worth picking up. I’m still pretty young so I honestly have no idea how this works, do I need to connect the card to my bank account somehow? It says I get 4% of my purchase into crypto. Does that mean I will be charged on all on my regular purchases? The card also says that there are no annual fees or anything so I’m just wondering if there are any hidden catches or any info I need before I press the OK button to get one delivered to my house. Are there any important things I should know about it? For those who already have the card do you like/use it? Any feedback is appreciated.

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14 thoughts on “Is the coinbase Debit card worth getting”

  1. If you consistently use it, you can get some great returns. My card works everywhere as long as they accept Visa. I would say, go for it.

  2. Yes, get it.

    Your purchases cost you nothing extra, you get a 1-4% rebate of your purchase price in the Crypto you choose.

    You deposit money into Coinbase to fund the card, you can have the card use many different things to pay for your purchases, I recommend converting your fiat to USDC and have the card spend that. You receive 1% APR on the USDC while it is waiting to be spent and you have no taxable gains when you make a purchase.

    The only little gotcha is that it rings up as a pre-paid debit card, so it has a few more limitations than a regular debit card, but you probably won’t run into them with everyday purchases.

    I’ve got the CB card and it is fantastic, I funnel as much through it as I can and get 4% XLM back, which I plan to convert mostly to ETH eventually.

  3. I acquired it last year just to have I tried it and does what it says so grab it before the mass to be prepared. Usually long waits for it

  4. I like it, theres some nuances you gotta learn about it, like if you pay at the gas pump it locks up 75-100 $ for about an hour or so, sometimes atm’s are janky about accepting it to pull out cash, its technically considered a prepaid debit card so certain things wont accept it.

  5. It’s a pretty good card and app integration for it. It’s way better then my regular bank debit card.

    They give you a pretty good variety of rewards also.

  6. Just got my email that my card is in the mail. I plan to use the xlm 4% since u trust that personally the most. Let’s see where it goes!

  7. Well worth getting, even if you have another Crypto Debit Card like the CDC Visa.

    Coinbase’s Visa pays out up to 4% cashback, paid in one of a few coin choices (4% XLM is imo the best choice). Anywhere Visa is accepted.

    Other crypto cards, like my CDC Visa, have certain restrictions on what merchants allow cashback, so I fall back and use the CB Visa to net me cashback.

    Overall, well worth getting.

  8. I pay most of my bills with it, buy groceries, etc.

    I’ve made hundreds back since I started using it.

    Promptly staked at 4.5%

  9. The only 2 issues I have are, 1) daily spend limit of like 2500 usd or whatever, and 2) if coinbase is down your card often is as well. Other than that it absolutely fucks


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