Is the Alogrand Foundation dumping coins anytime the price moves? I know this just a current theory out there and maybe one of the main reasons Algorand price action just been horrible.

Anyone able to prove this? Is there some truth to this? Are they just milking us to finance projects etc.?

Is Algorand setup to never breakout due to this? Is the only strategy to participate in governance until 2030 then hope it over a dollar by then?

Are they about tree hugging and not at all about getting the price up at all?

If Algorand’s technology the “best” out there then why is there so little volume?
Is Algorand poorly run? Does the leadership suck overall?

Tomorrow’s Time square publicity stunt sounds good perhaps some interest will come from it but I have very low expectations.

Algorand rarely if ever breaks out from bitcoin. I’m very disappointed right now with my decision to pick this one as my major long term pick. I’m starting to question everything they represent and I don’t see any hype whatsoever for Algorand anywhere.

Should they change their name to baby Elon or something then perhaps people would buy it?

Don’t say zoom out. That very dumb considering Algorand currently around a 52 week low. The .67 support breaks and this will get very ugly fast.

Is Algorand really the best tech out there or is it extremely overrated? If it was the best I would think people be buying it up right now. I feel like I’m the only sucker buying and holding.

The only “good” thing I currently see is the total governance pool increasing. 3.95 billion for governance 3 this round. Majority of that are probably those that got this below .50 give or take.

I’m not selling but I’m starting to think I made a terrible decision to pick ALgorand at all and it seem that majority rather buy APE coin now.

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22 thoughts on “Is the Alogrand Foundation dumping coins anytime the price moves? I know this just a current theory out there and maybe one of the main reasons Algorand price action just been horrible.”

  1. This too was my pick for longer term / dca (biggest alt holding) since the 1.60 price and it’s been down a disgusting amount since.. and 1.6 was like nearly half of its ATH already …

    So I get the frustrations. I’m just keeping it , doing the governance. But no more dca for now until volume picks up

  2. Given how the blockchain works, one could very easily calculate some sort of regression and work this out…

    I would love to volunteer, but I’m currently swamped with my dissertation. I’ll gladly allow someone to run with my idea though…

  3. I don’t think there’s many Coins left to dump tbh. I think it’s mainly just do to with who knows?

    Who knows is responsible for at least 99% of all Crypto Market action

  4. “it seems the majority would rather buy APE now”.

    Whoah, that is a bold leap to make.

    Kind of like a builder choosing to dump his Toyota truck that has hauled building materials for years and will do so for many years, to change it for a clown car, because he thinks it might get him laid.

  5. All we heard for months(while it was over a dollar mind you) was they need to do more, they need marketing, need more built on algorand, and blah blah blah 😑. Well they did, now the price drops because when you do all those things it takes money, when you give algos away people cash it in, and the cycle continues. You got what you asked for! Will it recover, your guess is as good as mine, I believe it will in time, but people really need to stop cutting of their nose to spite their face.

  6. I feel your pain brother, I picked ALGO over LUNA last year, I did research but I chose ALGO mainly because of this sub. I am also holding a big yieldly bag that keeps going down not sure what to do. So disappointed I don’t even look at my algowallet anymore.

  7. Algo is one that wasn’t really designed to explode in price. I view it as one of the safest alts you could be investing in solely because the tech is there, and its fairly new so its really cool to be seeing it grow. Anyway, I bought more the other day to lower my average, and i have no regrets about it

  8. It’s been known for a while that Algorand has poor tokenomics, but it’s the darling of this subreddit so it’s just shilled to sound like the best thing since sliced bread.

  9. Well, 10 billion with only 6.7 billion circulating so they have a ton left to release which will keep the price suppressed imo, it’s a bit overrated and sitting at 74 cents with an already 5 billion market cap… the apy is like half a percent on Coinbase and don’t forget coinbase takes 25% fee for staking they just don’t tell you this.

  10. Most of the time, if this sub shills it, it is too late or it was never a good hold to begin with.

    In this case, how is it the best tech? It’s not magically better than every other solution out there or every other project would copy it. All solutions have trade offs. Yet this sub parrots this “trilemma solved” statement constantly.

    Also staking numbers are really not that important of a sign. The number of chains that are simply inflating their supply, giving coins out to people for “staking” which actually contributes nothing to the network, is of course enticing and will attract people.

  11. ALGO inflation is tremendous, not to mention the early investor/team token allocations have mostly vested. So yes, there is a lot of dumping from the team/foundation/early investors but they are not the only sellers. Inflation is very high.

  12. algo and ada are my biggest bags – algo price isn’t making me love it any more than ada – not that ada price any better lately

  13. Probably it is the ones running the centralized relay nodes. They were chosen by the Algorand foundation and get a ridiculous amount of rewards for running these nodes while having no interest in the system itself beside making profit. So they dump their rewards on you.

  14. FWIW, as a newer investor I have found Algo defi to be the easiest to use with more options than others I have tried.
    Also has a project I really like (lofty) so that’s why I have bought it.

  15. Has algo been confirmed as an iso20022 coin? Because if it has then they may be dumping to keep the price low. Just look at xrp, xlm and xdc. They are dirty cheap considering the role they are going to play.

  16. My theory is that all the rug pulls projects have people weary of algo. Not that there’s a way to stop them just seems like it is a never ending list.

  17. The only thing you’re really calling out as a flaw is its price action. And given its limited supply, eventually the Algorand Foundation will deplete their supply of Algo if they keep dumping as you suppose they do.

    I’m forever bullish on Algo. Just yesterday I made some NFTs using []( and it was absurdly easy, cheap, and fast. If utility genuinely matters at all, then Algo price will eventually come to the place it deserves to be at.


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