Is it the right time to invest in the metaverse? Did the opportunity or hype already pass?

Last year I think gaming coins were one the best if not the best sector in the crypto industry. Some coins like MANA or SAND had return of about 8.000% and 20.000% respectively from the beginning of 2021. I’m not saying the blockchain craze is over, but it may slow down in 2022.

Most of these coins price was purely driven by hype and now they have insanely huge market cap without that good of a game.

I’m just wondering if this year there is going to be another craze and everyone is going to forget about the metaverse. Maybe DeFi or DAOs will be big.

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17 thoughts on “Is it the right time to invest in the metaverse? Did the opportunity or hype already pass?”

  1. Not according to the Gartner hype curve. I think it’s the right now time to invest if you think that the hype has cooled off. Personally, I’m looking into Holoride which is backed by Audi.

  2. If you expect 100x that is probably gone, but there’s still place to grow if this gets momentum. Personally I don’t believe in metaverse succeeding at all, I don’t like the idea of it at all. Might be wrong, but I will stay away from it even if it will pop.

  3. Metaverse is 100% a scam.

    Like seriously, what does “Metaverse” even means anymore. MMO game is considered a metaverse. RPG game = Metaverse. Chat with other people platform/game = Metaverse. Online VR platform/game = Metaverse.

    It’s just another buzzword to advertise and sell you a shit project. It’s like investor who watches or know about Ready Players One suddenly discovered video game.

  4. I can’t really explain it, but the Metaverse just feels like another hype to me which will never happen (at least not how it’s expected today).

    Aren’t all these things which are hyped to happen in the future like that mostly hot air? True revolutions don’t get announced like that, they simply happen. Look at how smartphones took over for example.

  5. I think technology is not at its peak to support metaverse so I wouldn’t personally invest in it. But invest in what you believe in, subreddit isn’t really the best source for financial advice.

  6. Do you believe that people will spend more time online in virtual environments and do you believe that the tech companies will find ways to make it work?

    If your answer to both is yes then go for it. If not, don’t.

    Our instinct is to follow the herd for fear of getting trampled.

    Ask yourself…..don’t ask the herd what they think.

  7. I think it was only purely driven by hype. Do you remember what pumped the “metaverse” projects? Facebook changing their name to meta and announcing their new business model focusing on the metaverse. While everyone is ignoring the fact that facebook/meta will create their own centralized project and will not support any crypto projects at all.


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