Is BAYC the biggest internet troll ever?

Not sure if it’s allowed to post this, but I found this crazy investigative video by YouTuber Philion (@thirdeyeoftruth on Twitter) who made a pretty compelling story about Bored Ape Yacht Club and their founders being Nazi sympathizers.

The video was pretty cool to watch and has great story telling in my opinion whether it is true or not. In my opinion it does look kinda sketchy and something smells. I’m not into NFT’s and I know very little about them. So by sharing this I will let you guys decide what to make of it.

Link to the video:

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20 thoughts on “Is BAYC the biggest internet troll ever?”

  1. turn off your computer, put your phone in airplane mode, pop in a vhs copy of raiders of the lost ark and stay off the internet for a few weeks

  2. Why trolls?

    I mean they look/write and behave like guys who would hangout at 4chan…
    Getting people triggered is their hobby. Using nazi symbolism is expected and everyday occurrence there.

    I 100% believe they are doing and It’s actually pretty obvious.

  3. Upper Echelon had a video on that. They do have a lot of Nazi iconography hidden in their project if you want to read into symbolism. Founder “Emperor Tomato Ketchup” is named after an old japanese movie that contains x-rated underage stuff and Nazi salutes.

    I think it’s a troll.

  4. Already a thread on it.

    And it’s still dumb. At one point the guy goes basically “now assuming they are nazis, **(the thesis he’s trying to prove)** the number 1488 **(to normal people this is just a number between 1480 and 1490)** is highly significant, and of course there is an ape number 1488, **(because they’re serially numbered)** it wears a jumpsuit with the number 019807, which means nothing, but if we strip the zeroes **(NUMEROLOGY)** and we get 1987, which looks like a date, **(or a number in the 1980-1990 range)** and guess who died in 1987? A NAZI! **(unlike nazis who died other years and non-nazis who did?)**.

    This is not evidence. This is reaching. He has a lot of points, but when some of them are this weak, he’s hard to take seriously.

  5. Honestly a lot of it makes sense. I hate that it’s edited like one of those world order conspiracy videos…

    Also, whether this is true or not… listening to their CEO talk was making me want to hurl.

  6. Since guilt is now determined by random coincidence and involuntary association, maybe going on about everybody being ‘Nazi sympathisers’ means *you* are a Nazi sympathiser, and this post is just you wishing for a world of fellow sympathisers. You didn’t even bother to call out Nazis as evil. Something is sketchy here. Something smells. Begone, Nazi! You are hereby cancelled for totally good reasons.


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