Investment strategy similar to the boglehead S&P 500 strategy?

[Investing in the S&P500 the boglehead way] ( has these features:

– invests on a regular basis (DCA)
– is not too risky and not too safe
– never tries to time the market. So you’re not in discord 24/7 or scouring twitter for leads on a regular basis
– relatively cheap
– **tough to beat**. Just holding the S&P500 produces returns that are difficult to beat in legacy finance.

Maybe the equivalent strategy in the crypto world is something like

> every month, buy/sell the top 5–10 coins by marketcap (or some variation of this) As of this writing, the top 5 (non-stablecoins) are BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, Cardano.

However, it may be better to look at the next top 5 coins (more room growth).

Opinions, ideas, discussion?

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8 thoughts on “Investment strategy similar to the boglehead S&P 500 strategy?”

  1. Stick to only Bitcoin, of you want to securely DCA and HODL, without doing anything else.

    BTC is super difficult to beat in the long run.

  2. Could work. Worth noting though that a huge amount of the S&P500’s returns comes from a few extreme outliers.

    That is why having a huge investment pool of 500 companies is great, you can access some of the outliers.

    5 coins may be too few to really benefit from this sort of strategy

  3. Crypto isn’t stocks, everything is still tied to BTC. You can’t compare stocks to crypto period. You get diversification by making use of both.

    Crypto simply hasn’t the age to gauge any true metrics. If you’ve 50 years of data sure but right now you don’t.

    In stocks you can take the top 10 weight over a 10 year period and look and think wow amazing returns but then you zoom out and look at 20 years and yikes.

    If you took the top 5 stocks by cap and look at the data zoomed out you’d have been better off just buying the S&P. Doing that in the cryptocurrency markets is just adding risk.

  4. Sounds like you’re considering active rebalancing of your portfolio by market cap of the underlying assets according to your target allocation split

    Just automate the process and DCA fiat in regularly

    Good luck with your accumulating



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