Influencers are plagues of the modern society. And cypto influencers are the worst among them

A Ferrari stops and a smiling young man gets off.
Everything he wears radiates “rich”.
Everything cries “show off”.
Yet this is exactly the point.
He is coming to the camera, Fake smile of “success” still on his lips, and starts talking:
“You know. I was poor (like you losers). But it didn’t stoped me from trying. And you shouldn’t too. Stop nagging and start trying. I am here for you guys! (Yes. It is pure altruism which drives these guys).”

He even gives away the first dose of his magical “be rich in a month” telegram channel for free. Just like my old neighborhood’s dealer. Only what that dealer has sold actually worked. His magical channel gives 10 or more “buy” signal per day which “magically” around 50% of which turns out to be true! But hey! “What is with all negativity?” he tells his followers on Instagram. And god there are so many of them.

The “premium” version of his telegram channel has around 100k members. Each paying around 20$ per month for subscription. Which means 2 million dollar per month just from his telegram subscribers. but that’s not the only method of income crypto influencers have.
He just need to say “buy (put a random shotcoin in here)” and that shitcoin will indeed goes “to the moon”, Usually for few days or week before everyone panic sells. Those who made a quick buck will worship him even more and those who didn’t, well, they should grow the fuck up and “understand that it is all a part of the road to success”. He is not lying tho. It is all a part of the road to success, his road.

Now think about the above scenario.
Not only he can buy that coin before the pump and sell at the top, he (like most influencers) can charge a tone of money for advocating that same coin. Two birds with one stone if I ever saw one.

With that kind of cash flow, famous crypto influencers can afford an extremely luxurious and joyful life and all they need to do is to show it off on social media to attract even more cluless victims. That’s why they love to show off their wealth so much. The message is clear.
“You can be a winner too! You just need to follow my model.”
It is a dream comes true for them. A dream which spells nightmare for thousands.

I always hated influencers. They are champions of a system who triumphs on making people hate themselves and their life. A system made on top of people insecurities to sell them more and more junk they don’t need. Everything about them is fake, everything fabricated. Body, face, smile and even happiness and love.
But crypto influencers are even worst. Not only they do all the things that usual social media influencers are doing, They are literally using ponzi schemes in broad daylight to rob people who trusted them.

Tldr: fuck crypto influencers. They are even worst then Kardashians.

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50 thoughts on “Influencers are plagues of the modern society. And cypto influencers are the worst among them”

  1. Influencers/shills = pure unadulterated shameless trash. Stay away from them on Twitter, stay away from them on Youtube, and stay away from them here on Reddit.

  2. There needs to be better education about this sort of thing in this online era we are now in. So many people just have no idea or think critically about how someone may be taking advantage.

  3. Absolutely agree OP. The rise of the “Influencer” has been like watching ticks, leeches, tapeworms, and hookworms become socially prominent.

  4. The word “Influencer” has started to make a lot of sense to me since I have started relating it to the same term as a DUI.

  5. There’s a guy on Twitter that exposes crypto influencers and compiled an epic thread of crypto fraudsters. I don’t want to link it here because I’m afraid I might get suspended for providing external links. His name is zachxbt and it’s the pinned post on his Twitter profile. Make sure you avoid all those influencers (scammers) that he lists.

    An example is Rea (Moon Guurl). She rug pulled her followers for over $100K and then cited racism and sexism when the followers got pissed off at her. Check the thread, it’s very informative.

  6. One thing I’ve learned is to run the fuck away from any person or project using terms like: “life-changing” or “financial freedom”.

  7. The Kardashians have pioneered the narcissistic, ego-driven, self-indulgent desires of the influencer. The chicken and the egg.

  8. You flaired this as “debate”, but there is no debate.

    Influencers suck, and really it’s a reflection of majority societal values that these are the kinds of people that hold influence.

  9. Make sure to spot when their ‘updated video about X coin’ come out.

    It is always after the coin in question has had a big correction and they’ve filled their bags.

    Even the most trusted YouTubers, like Guy from Coin Bureau, do this – you should take EVERYTHING from them with a fuckton of salt.

  10. The problem is not the influencers. I respect the hustle, actually. The problem is STUPID PEOPLE.

    Why are people following people showing off money, cars, houses, on instagram? I was taught that wealth is silent. It’s rude, redneck, low class, simpleton shit to be showing off your money. That if someone did that, they deserved to be laughed in their face, not followed and admired. So why the fuck is showing off wealth apparently acceptable nowadays? Wtf? Who are these idiots following people just because they appear to have money? What’s the point?

    Stop feeding them, and they will go away. Make “showing off” cringe again. Humiliate them, don’t emulate them.

  11. All influencers are equally bad, they all trying to manipulate viewers for their own gains without care of consequences for the ppl that believe in them

  12. They give nothing but terrible advise to the vulnerable and give most new comers to crypto a horrible 1st experience only to never come back again ,I agree on all of your accounts above…

  13. Nice perspective. And probably true, for the most part.

    But to make money off this model, you need money. The Ferrari, the Rolex, the $1000 suit. You still need THEM before you start shilling your “magical investing abilities”.

  14. Influencers are the monoliths that the media uses to disparage against youth movements. It’s too easy to make every millennial look stupid

  15. I must be getting old cause I can’t understand why my kids want to watch videos of these influencers. I will stick with reruns of 24.

  16. Yep, it’s a shame to watch people you respected go down that hole too. Nyjah Huston is one of the best (and one of the most well-off) skateboarders in the world, but loves to shill his hilariously crappy looking NFT “projects” and scam tokens.

    Monster and Nike don’t pay you enough so you have to take advantage of your fans? Selfish, sellout loser is an understatement.

  17. Be cool if there was a way to slam them..

    Like the traveling salesman selling the do anything potion in The Outlaw Josey Whales. He tells Clint Eastwood how it can do all this stuff then Clint spits a big all splat of backy juice on the salesman’s white suit. “ how’s it on stains”


  18. There’s a few issues atm with crypto, but you’re correct. These people only want to shill some shite for money. Never buy anything related to any celebrity. You will 100% lose money. I bought my first nft because the owner was verified on Instagram. I was thinking this must be legit. Naw wasted money. The nft is collecting dust now.

  19. I’m pretty sure that laws regarding fraud exist. We just need to remove the international boundaries imo. This is one situation where I wouldn’t mind some regulation. Fraud is fraud whether it involves digital products or not. Nailing some scamming, thieving “influencer” hides to the wall might set some minimum standards.

  20. hahaha!! You know I was promised the moon and happiness if I bought a certain alt and BTC would hit 100k last December, but we are in February now and nothing, made me venture into Nfts. Guess what I found out? DEIP would add liquidity for INTANGIBLE ASSETS(Nfts)


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