India’s First BTC rewarding Platform – I tried and its awesome!

Ok so few months ago I came across this new firm called GoSats, basically they collaborate with a lot of brands/E-Commerece platforms, and mind you prominent ones such as flipkart, myntra, mamearth, even Uber, Swiggy and Zomato! So whenever you shop on these platforms via the App Gosats, you get some percentage of your Fiat Amount as Satoshis.

There are 2 ways in which we can buy 1. Buy a Voucher of the respective website and use it there. It has the benefit that the satoshis are instantly credited in your account.

2. Shopping via inapp browser, it has higher reward percentage but takes a month to credit the satoshis as the company confirms our purchase only after return period of a certain product is over.

There is also a spin the wheel where you can earn small amount of Sats daily! As your tier increases you can earn as upto 5000 sats in a spin! The frequency of anything above 500 sats in spin the wheel is quite less but i ve gotten lucky exactly 4 times.

I mostly used it for food delivery apps and myntra. Sometimes Uber.

After using it for 5 months, i got around .00217 btc and it aint half bad. So to my indian friends who were skeptical about this project go ahead try it, you wont regret! They absorb all the BTC fees when you Withdraw.

They are also coming up with a prepaid debit card, where you will get flat 1.5% satoshis every time you use that card anywhere, and a chance win 1 btc in spin the wheel.

I love that in my country surrounding so much negativity and bad policies regarding crypto, a small company has found its way above regulatory pressure and doing this. It is amazing what it will do for btc adoption.

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4 thoughts on “India’s First BTC rewarding Platform – I tried and its awesome!”

  1. Can you actually withdraw the BTC to your own wallet? As a UK player of Coin Hunt World I know there is a world of difference between BTC earned in an app and BTC actually being under my control.


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