Indexed wages in Belgium, The people are cheering yet inflation is eating it all.

Today me and everyone else in Belgium received the notice that their wages would be rising 4,7% starting from the 1st of April. This is to combat rising inflation they say, yet they’ve been pushing it since 2018. They are just making the people feel like they are going to earn more, yet inflation has been eating up peoples wages ever since. We all know how much it recently went up.

Meanwhile the politicians their wages are indexed by the consumer price index. Which has been going up by 8.92%. Funny how they high and mighty are spared from all of this while the working class thinks they are getting more while for a fact they will be earning less.

The people are just oblivious to it and they are cheering towards tomorrow.
If only the people knew what we knew. And would be using cryptocurrency as an inflation hedge.
I for sure am.

At least my money in crypto is doing something and not losing it’s worth due to mismanagement seen worldwide.

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7 thoughts on “Indexed wages in Belgium, The people are cheering yet inflation is eating it all.”

  1. Sounds like the only thing you can do is buy something that’s appreciating by 230% on average for the past decade – what’s that called about? Software token? Computer bill? It has something to do with data and money……..

  2. Some things have doubled in price seen a lot items go up 20-40% in Canada. I believe we have just seen the tip of the iceberg so to speak of what is to come. hope i’m wrong

  3. Meanwhile I’m living in Portugal, one of the worst paying countries. And our inflation this month alone was 5%. And still there is no raises to the minimum wage

  4. just wait for that raise to be taxed too hahaha

    and before the tax general prices will rise even more hahahaha


    you’ll be poorer in the future

    Just like me and everyone else without the 1% membership


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