In the Red

Another correction / dip / flash crash, or whatever people wanna call is happening AGAIN.

At this point I’m getting use to seeing a red crypto portfolio and hope this changes soon, but when I see my assets 5% or 10% down or even more, it’s seemingly just another day.

Do I keep adding to my current positions? You betcha.

Do I still hope for the best?
You’re darn tootin.

Anybody else just kinda going with the flow at this point?

I’m over being upset and have just accepted I’ve got no idea what’s going on when the entire market seemingly dumps like this.

How’re you guys feeling?

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31 thoughts on “In the Red”

  1. You will always have the same amount of coins you have, no matter the fiat price they choose to put to it.

    So yeah, that’s how I cope with the breakdowns. Also I don’t even log into my exchanges account anymore lmao

  2. Business as usual over here.

    I feel pretty drab most days and try to satiate my need for sensation with tobacco and marijuana.

    If the market is pumping I am dead inside. If the market is dumping I am dead inside but I always hafta resurrect myself for that dip nawwhatimtalm’ bwahhhh

  3. Every time we see a dump like this I always think “why couldn’t I have started my crypto journey today rathe than during a bull run”.

  4. Feeling good since,


    >Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s gonna die.

    Forget about the f graphs, crypto will conquer, I’m gonna pay for pizza with it, then maybe buy a Leoncino and go ride.

  5. I don’t even notice 5% drops.. And 10% it’s just feels like a casual Wednesday. I’ve seen this too many times before.

  6. just watch the second there is a green candle everybody’s gonna be like we’re back bull market is back or attribute it to whatever event happens that day

  7. I know deep down hodl and stake is the way… but man, if I took profits after every mini rally and reinvested during moments like this…..

  8. Haha yeah it is what it is, I have no doubt it will recover and soar at one stage so I’m going to keep picking up the coins that I’m into

  9. Feeling meh. Cause i intend to hold for a few years so in no rush to reap the rewards for holding. Will buy more as long as we are ranging when i get my monthly salary

  10. Yep. Don’t need the money so I don’t care about this short term business. It just lowers the price for my next dca

  11. Its just the same as it is from Nov last year. Things have been slipping.

    Currently coping by just being positive, staking, looking at Defi for more potential staking.

  12. This Is the moment where wealth Is made, when people Is fearful.

    Let’s grind that Fiat money, be responsable AND diversify to be ready for the oportunities.


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