I’m lost in new trend – metaverse. I need an explanation of how it works.

Lately, I’ve been reading about how famous brands are expanding to metaverse or how I can buy land, city or a real estate. I watched gameplay: how to buy land in some metaverse… It had ugly graphics and it was absolutely not user friendly, so I’m still completely lost.

I imagined something on the style of second life, vr chat, sims or gta online (without killing, etc.) Just one game where I can do everything the metaverse has to offer. But if I understand correctly, there are several such metaverses.


**And here are my questions:**

1. If there are 1000 metaverses that will reflect the earth and in which I will be able to buy cities and when I buy e.g. London, I will only own it in one metaverse and 999 people will be able to buy London in another metaverse?

2. What can I do with the purchased land? Will something be built there or why should anyone buy it from me?

3. If I want to use the full potential of the metaverse, will I have to be in more than one universe? E.g. Metaverse A: Will only offer land for sale, Metaverse B: Will only offer real estate for sale, Metaverse C: Will offer cities for sale, Metaverse D: There will be a concert of my favorite band that will only have contract with this metaverse, Metaverse E : there will be a concert of my second favorite band, which has no contract with metaverse D but only with metaverse E, Metaverse F: will be focused on meetings with colleagues, Metaverse G: focused only on NFT such as pictures in galleries on so on.

4. What happens to my adidas sneakers if adidas goes bankrupt or they no longer want to have their brand in the metaverse I’m in?

5. Why it has so ugly graphics and why it is so chaotic and hard to understand how to even start ?


It may seem stupid to you, but I still don’t understand the principle of the metaverse. I’ll be happy if someone explains this to me, thank you for your answers.

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14 thoughts on “I’m lost in new trend – metaverse. I need an explanation of how it works.”

  1. 1) yes

    2) yes

    3) yes

    4) yes. Who knows. You might be SOL

    5) yes

    TBH it sounds like you have a pretty good understanding of the meta verse

    On a serious note. It’s very early so what metvserse will be best? No one knows at this time. What can you do with your plot of land? Guess it depends on what developers want to do with your plots of land. Will any company want to use your plot of land? Guess that depends on how successful your meta verse is and if your close to anything else significant. TBH, it’s not too different from real life. Depends if your in a favorable location and get lucky lol.

  2. 1. yes
    2. depends on the platform
    3. you’d be guessing which metaverse would be the biggest deal in five years. it’s like investing in a bunch of companies all competing in the same sector.
    4. if the sneakers you own are on the blockchain, and the image that the blockchain is referencing is removed, you would still have proof you owned the token, but the image would no longer be there
    5. because a lot of companies are rushing to be first, and don’t want to wait.

  3. Remember when the social media world was populated by Facebook, MySpace, Google+. I’ve been saying all along theres no room in the Metaverse for multiple players. We’re just going to have to see who comes out on top.

  4. Step back and look at it more broadly. As you said, there are dozens of platforms that offer MeTaVeRsEs and they are not truly decentralized. You may own a token on-chain that has a hash which points to a JPEG or metaverse asset when it is routes through a centralized server platform. That centralized server can change your ownership from a plot of land in a metaverse to a steaming pile of poopoo instead.


    So you’re relying on that centralized company to not revoke/change the output of your hash on their game/platform. I wouldn’t spend any money i’m not willing to lose personally.

  5. About 1) There are already talks about crosschain metaverses or the ability to bring other metaverse‘s asset in another metaverse.
    That will be the case on cornucopias and pavia. Both metaverses on cardano, but you will be able to bring some of your pavia assets into cornucopias.

  6. To sum it up I think the metaverse is a gathering place..youtube used to kill for Google and bring in crazy amount of revenue in form of adds. Now tik tok is eating youtubes lunch. Eventually I think the metaverse will be where we hang out. So advertisers, content creators, artist etc will live in the metaverse…yes there will be tons of metaverses…just like there’s tik tok, ig, fb, etc…

  7. What metaverse basically is, is a new user interface for internet.

    It is basically internet that is designed to look and feel like real world.

    What you do there are exactly same things you do on internet now, but it is transformed into a virtual gamelike world.

    Instead of googling, you can walk around and discover new places (which are basically 3D websites).

    Now you order food in an app where you pick what foods you want from a clickable list, and it gets delivered to your door. In metaverse you walk into a virtual burger restaurant, and make your order, and food gets delivered to your door.

    Now you online shop by browsing a website cataloging items and prices. In metaverse you walk into a virtual3D supermarket to look at items and purchase them.

    Now you gamble in an online casino with 2D graphical games, in metaverse you walk into a virtual casino to play virtual slot machines.

    Now you stream a concert on youtube, in metaverse you walk into a virtual arena and watch 3-d captured performance on stage (or possibly virtual avatar that imitates artists movements through motion capture).

    The reason it has “real estate”, is because it resembles physical world. Some locations are more valuable because people frequent them. For example, area around well known store will attract more visitors than some periphery of metaverse where there is nothing particularly intresting. For that reason smaller stores want to buy a location near it. Because it resembles physical world, the amount of spots is limited.

    If we had a metaverse that was free for all, it would just become spam filled chaos where you couldn’t find anything useful.

    Metaverse = future internet that looks like a virtual 3D space instead scrollable pages with text pictures and video on them.

    It basically aims to allow interacting with online services in a way that resembles how we interact with physical world.

    Hope that clarifies a bit.

  8. Metaverse “games” are bullshit, just like jpgs NFTs.

    The only cool thing about it are NFTs items that you can trade or sell for real money.

    But honestly, who wants to play a real life shitty simulator? Who wants to pay for a virtual house that is more expansive than a real one? Who wants to buy fake snickers at 10k $?

    It’s just a trend, and prices are rising only because of speculation.

    Check the active users numbers on Sandbox or Decentraland for example and compare them to their marketcap.


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