If you’re wondering which exchange(s) to use, here’s my experience with a few.

*This is my experience and yours may vary completely.*

First, I’ll start off with Uphold. I only used it since I use the Brave Browser and have an android. I didn’t realize until I purchased some other crypto they offer that you can’t transfer quite a few out. Also, the app and browser version are kinda bad.


Gemini: I have used this one probably the least. Use it for my Brave rewards on my computers and have had no issues. I also used it to buy SAND when it wasn’t offered on any other exchanges. They don’t offer a ton of different crypto but they have the basics and it is simple to use.


Kraken: I used this a lot when I first started because they had ONE and VET. Now I pretty much only use it for XMR. I really like their mobile app tbh, but their browser version is not really appealing and has a learning curve. Their selection is definitely more than Gemini and Uphold, but it is not massive.


Coinbase: I pretty much only use CB Pro instead of CB now but this where I started. Pro has less fees than CB but I’m pretty sure they are the same now. I wouldn’t know since I haven’t used CB for months. They have good articles, the earn is good, and the card (which I do not have) seems to be good. The CP Pro app is super minimal and I probably use it the most out of all. I’d also note that getting your transaction histories is super easy and they give a rough estimate on what you owe for CB. CB Pro doesn’t but their print out is far better.


Crypto Dot Com: I see it get a lot of hate. Yes the fees aren’t very great but I use it frequently. Their card is great and I recommend it (free Spotify is great). But some machines won’t accept it (like 10%). The app ain’t pretty but it doesn’t need to be. They have a good amount of smaller projects which is nice like ONE, CRO (obvi), CKB, and the like. The missions are simple to use and nice. The reward is small but I didn’t expect it to be high. Their customer service, in my opinion, is pretty good. But I’ve only used them three times.


Binance: it has been a year and the KYC still won’t go through. The customer service to ask for help refuses to let me talk to anyone but a bot that has only super generic issue topics. They have a decent range of offerings but I just don’t use them anymore since I can only buy if I transfer crypto to exchange.


TLDR: I prefer CDC, CP Pro, and Kraken (only for XMR, though) since I used them the most. Stay away from Uphold. Binance isn’t bad if you can use it but I don’t like it. And Gemini is just meh.

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23 thoughts on “If you’re wondering which exchange(s) to use, here’s my experience with a few.”

  1. Kraken is the shit for most people. The app is smooth and easy to use.

    The only downside is some decent projects aren’t available such as ONE. The withdrawal fee for MATIC is also ridiculous!

  2. If you’re into memes, I feel like having a Gate dot io account to buy the shittiest obscure tokens is a must. The app is terribad but the selection of tokens is bigger than any other CEX.

    For the rest, Binance + KuCoin + OKEx have been more than enough to find the crypto I’m interested in, and their apps/sites are good enough.

  3. Coinbase is bottom tier for me and I assume many others mainly for their god awful customer support. It’s like talking to a brick wall

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  5. I use Binance and KuCoin. Both are great and more than enough for me. Great variety of tokens and options to stake. KYC on Binance took me a few minutes actually, and KuCoin doesn’t even require it since I transfer beetween both exchanges.

  6. Neber had any problems with Binance (not US) and it seems to have good servers when the demand is high (different from Coinbase).

    Kraken is my way to go when the question is customer service, they bring their A game when treating the customer

  7. I’ve only used Binance and Coinbase. I’ve made decent gains so I buy and sell large sums. Coinbase has like £3,000 daily limit and a £20k withdraw limit. Binance has like a $250k daily limit so I use that. Coinbase Pro is much higher and on par with Binance, however, I have to deposit fiat into my Coinbase Pro wallet and then purchase crypto. I literally have only like £800 worth of fiat. I like Binance because I can make large purchases directly with my debit card. However, Coinbase is much cheaper. For example, I bought £50k worth of Matic and it charged me a 2% fee which is £1,000. My wife bought £50k worth of Matic on Coinbase Pro and it only charged her just over £100. That means she can make a good amount of money if her coin goes up a couple pence. I normally have to wait until Matic goes up 5 or 6 pence before I break even. I think the spread is better on Coinbase Pro too. I only use Binance for the convenience and I prefer UI. However, I could save and make so much more on Coinbase Pro.

  8. Cdc spread is a bit hefty but they have the best eth staking which is without the freeze up like coinbase and u can sent it via 5 networks including matic. Interestingly I can also stake BTC as well.

  9. I’ll have to disagree with cdc having that high rating. You say exchange but the card is because of their coin staking not their exchange. The exchange/main app is still clunky as hell.

  10. I use FTX 95% of the time. Lowest fees, lots of coins, good UI with all funcionalities, good deposit/withdrawal, they pay 50% of eth gas fees. No bullshit.


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