If you want to buy the dip, spread your risk and DCA over the next few months, and maybe years. The 1,000-Days-Rule should be applied.

From ATH to Bearish Pattern, we have seen this timeline:


|Year|BTC- High|BTC-Low|BTW-Recovery back to BTC-High|Drawdown|
|Nov 2013 – Feb 2017|1,168.75|149.35|1,236 days|86%|
|Dec 2017 – Nov 2020|19,740.45|3,182.65|1,066 days|83%|
|Nov 2021 – ??? ????|69,176.68|26,504.73 (& counting)|\+1,000 days? It’d be August 2024|61% (& counting)|

The bear market lasts for quite a while. Assuming that we have reached the bear market (which is often only confirmed on hindsight), then we’re looking at about 1,000 days to recover back to the previous ‘ATH’. Although we have seen several patterns being broken by BTC, and the whole world facing issues such as stagflation (High inflation, and Economic Recession), we’re bound to see a bit of a tough patch for all markets in consideration.

The advice I could send out is something that I have promised myself to follow, especially after experiencing the 2017 bear market. To DCA consistently on prominent projects such as BTC and ETH, whilst dabbling just a tiny bit on alts which have shown perseverance over the last few years.

If BTC follows the previous bearish patterns, we could see an unprecedented pattern whereby BTC value goes lower than its previous BTC-HIGH figures of the previous cycle, which in this case is USD 19,740.45. If BTC stretches through the bear cycle whilst following the old pattern, we could see USD 11,760.06 region. Interesting, none the less.

We are seeing a lower ceiling and lower floor for a BTC cycle, and this is an interesting time for a speculative asset.

My take is, if you’re interested to invest in the ‘low’ now, plan that budget with a time period of 1,000 days to DCA, and look forward to at least Q3 2024 as a timeline. Above all else, good luck, fellas.

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8 thoughts on “If you want to buy the dip, spread your risk and DCA over the next few months, and maybe years. The 1,000-Days-Rule should be applied.”

  1. Had to replace my 2005 car last week since it got engine and driveline issues. Decided to get a 2018 instead of a new car, gonna use (some of) the price difference to buy cheap btc! Got some at 29.9 yesterday, more at 27.1 today

  2. DCA is very useful. You always want money to average down, otherwise you feel like a chump when the prices are REALLY cheap

  3. Yeah, it may bectempting to buy the dip immediately, but we don’t know where the final price is going to land. Go slow, accumulate carefully

  4. I entered the game about 400 days ago with btc. It was worth 56k back then, today it was worth 24k. I still have to wait 600 days, with hopes that the table turns, coz I have been down by a lot almoat ever since I started.

  5. In hindsight I joined crypto at the worst possible time, when aths were being set almost daily. Wish things were different. I’m sticking around through the whole bear market though, and building positions for the next run. People will probably lose faith along the way, if they have not already, but I’m playing the long game. Thanks for the tips.


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