If you want to be in top 10% of crypto investors you shouldn’t follow advices of other 90%.

Most people in crypto will never be very successful and this is unrelated to luck, it is just stats, in math we call it normal distribution otherwise known as Laplace – Gauss distribution. You most likely had it on math in school or saw those memes about IQ distribution. Generally minority of people (not only people, cause this apply to literally everything in life) are terrible at something, most are average and minority are very good.

You, me and almost everyone else is average within standard deviation. Simply everyone can’t be very good and never will be. 70 – 80% will always be “average” in the bell curve. 10 – 15% will be the worst and another 10-15% will be the best. Let’s say you are not total degenerate, in bottom 10%, that gamble their last $100 they should spend on rent on some shitcoin or took loans to invest.

You are most likely average crypto investor listening to other average crypto investors. What will be result of this? Your crypto portfolio will always will be average unless you will have some dumb luck. To be better than average you need to find better strategies, create your own investing style and have confidence in it. And most importantly follow advices of other good investors, not average investors or god forbid… some influencers. Sometimes hard to distinguish real, successful investors from scammers, shillers or other shitheads, but it is your homework if you want to be better than most people.
It will took time and effort, but it is not impossible by any means, actually quite easy. After few months you will see at first sight who have idea what they talk about and who just talk bullshit like that one drunk uncle. It just require self education and regularity. No one become one of best overnight.

I do not count top 1%, because those most often either are already filthy rich or had dumb luck. But being top 10% or maybe even top 5%, if you will work hard enough, is possible and most likely will be enough to achieve your financial goals. Many people are afraid that being better than average is impossible, but remember most other people think the same way. Difference is that vast majority never change anything. That is why most people always will be just average and complain about it instead of getting better.

It also doesn’t mean general crypto strategies are completly wrong, basics are the same. Just most people actually don’t follow them well enough and don’t try to learn to be better. Everyone can cook or kick a ball. But not everyone will be chef or football player. In theory everyone follow the same steps, but those subtle diffrences, experience and improvement make enormous quality differences. This rule apply to crypto too. All of us are crypto investors, but most never will be successful enough to impress anyone, even themselves.

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47 thoughts on “If you want to be in top 10% of crypto investors you shouldn’t follow advices of other 90%.”

  1. The reason why the 10% investors make money is that the 90% investors FOMO in at the top, and lose interest during the bear market. The crypto price actions would look completely different if majority of people did not invest in this stupid way. It doesn’t help that a site like this actively encourages FOMO behavior and overall has a toxic effect when it comes to the financial interest of the average investors.

    I kind of thought that people would have learned in the 2017/18 altseason but it seems like this will happen over and over again.

  2. Intelligence is not normally distributed though. Neither are investing returns for individuals in crypto. But yea, don’t take advice from morons. Agree on that.

  3. Since 100% of the 90% are here don’t take financial advice from the 100% here to prevent your investments from going down -99%.

  4. I don’t want to be in the top 10%. I’m not competing against you or anyone else.

    **I’m just trying to make a little money.**

  5. While I agree with your sentiment, I think dca’ing and holding quality projects (Eth being the big one) will pay out big in the near future.

  6. I’m not listening to anyone. I trust my instincts and invest accordingly. I’m looking forward to the future results.

  7. Using this logic: If you diverege from average, it’s equally likely that you will become bottom 5% as it is you will become top 5% lmao

    This is crypto, we are early, this is risky.
    Don’t put in more than you can afford to lose

  8. >You are most likely average crypto investor listening to other average crypto investors.

    However, I would argue those posting solid DD on this subreddit are in the top decile of investors. Sure, avoid those commenting one-liners and shitty DD, but you can utilise other people’s DD to complement your own…

  9. Ugh crypto is so Gaussian. But seriously, if your portfolio looks like the majority of people here, you’re never gonna really make it because you probably have an average portfolio after things have already gone parabolic. If you’re not BTC/ETH mainly, you better be holding alts that aren’t talked about here yet for the best chance at true life/wife changing gains.

  10. Quora’s a solid place – BTC & ETH as obvious

    Then choose from SOL, LUNA, AVAX, ALGO, FTM, NEAR, & SCRT for the platform wars.

    They’re low on ADA. High on SOL. Extremely high on LUNA. ALGO is a great underdog. KDA has mixed reviews – debatable. ERG & CKB are hardly mentioned. MATIC is a great L2. Loopring is hardly mentioned. ONE & STX are good sleepers. CRA is a great moonshot. Etc.

    BTC, ETH, & LUNA are recommended as must haves. So far I’m doing good.

  11. So true. Advice on this sub is lame 401k type advice. Crypto is pretty much mainstream now. Btc is going to have diminishing returns. If this sub was stocks : “buy and hodl spy”. Also seems like most are still in denial that we are in a bear market.
    For alot of people btc doesnt even make sense just put that money in eth if you want to be “safer”.
    Im pretty much looking at coins this sub hates.

  12. Research 🧐 what the tokens are doing in the tech world and track their analytics. Don’t do that and stay in the 90%.

  13. If you want to be in the top 10% this kinda post is very redundant cus the 90% doing 90% shit doesnt matter for the 10% lol

    and you think being top 10% is above the filthy rich?

  14. Man it will be hard to be in the top 10% when my portfolio is just 3 digits.
    You need money to make money and it doesn’t matter if you got the best strategy if your measly gains barely buy anything.

  15. The 10% follows alot of information from the 90% but just on a wider scale which ofcourse leads to more profit. It just takes time to shuffle away the shit info for actual great advice


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